Resident Evil 7 Guides: Fat Molded

Resident Evil 7 is available now and since we’ve had our hands on it for a while, we’ve put together some quick guides to help you out if you get stuck, need some help or to just give you or tips on how to get the best from the game.

A word of warning though, these guides are like to contain SPOILERS, so if you’ve yet to play or finish the game you might be best holding off. If you’re not one to worry too much, keep on reading.


Lucas Baker might be one of the family members that gives you the most grief during Resident Evil 7, but he’s not one that you ever get to fight directly.

Before you can attempt his test chamber, you’ll need to make your way through the barn to get the code to unlock the door. You’ll face off against regular Molded and Four-Legged Molded along the way, but eventually you’ll have your first encounter with a Fat Molded.

1. Normal Difficulty

On Normal Mode, the fight against the Fat Molded is actually really easy. There’s only one enemy, it moves slowly and you can easily avoid damage by staying on the move and maintaining your distance.

You can even cheese the fight by luring the Fat Molded upstairs, quickly running downstairs and shooting the Burner up at the Fat Molded in the space between the mezzanine level and the stair case.

He should go down pretty quickly. General strategies to remember when fighting the Fat Molded are;

  • Keep your distance when firing to avoid getting vomited on
  • Aim for the head
  • Strafe and get behind the enemy


2. Madhouse Difficulty

On Madhouse Mode, the fight against the Fat Molded is much harder. For a start, there are two Fat Molded instead of one. On Madhouse they deal out much more damage and also take much more damage before they die.

The quickest and easiest way to beat them both is to use the Albert-01R with Enhanced Ammo, the .44 Magnum and or the Grenade Launcher.

Once you’ve put the battery in the console and it explodes, turn around and head left slightly so that the elevator is at about a 45 degree angle to your left.Once the elevator reaches the bottom the Fat Molded will step out and you’ll need to unload you .44 Magnum into the first one’s head.


It should only take one or two shots, but if it takes more, just keep firing. Once it head is toast, if you have more Magnum ammo, use it on the other. Once you’re out, switch to the Albert-01r and use your Enhanced Ammo. Make sure you have it loaded up before the fight starts be pressing L2 + Triangle or LT + Y.

If you are a good enough shot and are fast enough, you should beat both Fat Molded before they even get near you. If one or both are getting too close, run up the stairs and stop at the top to shoot them as they chase you.

Resident Evil 7 is available now.

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