Resident Evil 7 Guides: Enemies

Resident Evil 7 is available now and since we’ve had our hands on it for a while, we’ve put together some quick guides to help you out if you get stuck, need some help or to just give you or tips on how to get the best from the game.

A word of warning though, these guides are like to contain SPOILERS, so if you’ve yet to play or finish the game you might be best holding off. If you’re not one to worry too much, keep on reading.


1. Molded

The Molded are the first enemies, aside from Jack, that you’ll come across in the game. These are your stand-ins for zombies. The shamble along and stalk you, but unlike zombies, these guys can move quickly and do lots of damage to you.

There are a couple of varieties of Molded with the standard one having clawed hands, a special one with a massive spiked left arm and a few variations with missing limbs.

Regardless of which type of Molded you come up against, the strategy is always the same.

The first and most important point is to maintain some distance. Molded will leap forward at you, swipe, bite and attack from much further away than you think they will. Stay back and you’ll likely avoid most damage.

In the even that you have to get up close and personal, keep your finger ready to press L1/LT. Blocking significantly reduces the amount of damage you’ll take and also stops Molded enemies from grappling with you or pinning you to the floor.

Headshots are your best friend when facing the Molded, but you’ll also have to stay calm and patient. Molded sway and move erratically and somewhat randomly so you’ll need to wait for the right moment.

On Normal Mode, Molded take three to four headshots from standard ammo to die and only Madhouse you’ll need anywhere from 5-15. Enhanced ammo will take their head clean off on Normal and will finish them in about 2-3 shots on Madhouse. Once you can use Remote Bombs you can take out groups of Molded with one explosion on Normal. Madhouse Molded take one or two bombs to die.


2. Four-legged Molded

These guys are the bane of my Resident Evil 7 playtime. Resembling a Licker, Four-Legged Molded are small and have limited health, but move incredibly quickly and deal huge amounts of damage.

Four-Legged Molded will appear a few hours in on Normal, but will be stalking you right from the get go on Madhouse. These bastards will rush you the moment they’re aggro’d and leap at you. If they connect, expect your health to drop from Fine to Danger immediately.

If you come across a Four-Legged Molded inside or in a corridor, take extra caution as they’ll leap from wall to wall like Spider-Man and prove difficult to stop.

The best method for taking care of Four-Legged is to get a headshot or a few body shots in quick succession from a distance; before they notice you. If they’re aggro’d, go straight for the headshot or shoot them as they leap at you with a shotgun.

Make sure you take care of them quickly otherwise they’ll make short work of you.


3. Fat Molded

These fat pieces of crap are super tough and their primary means of attack is to vomit acid all over you. Like with the other types of Molded, the best strategy is to keep your distance.

When Fat Molded are attacked they automatically vomit, so if you’re up close and attack from the front, you’re going to take a lot of damage from the acid, get stunned and then likely get smacked around and die.

On Normal Mode, Fat Molded aren’t very quick, so you can strafe them and hit them from behind or from a distance. On Madhouse, their speed has been increased so maintaining a good distance is preferable.

Again, headshots are your best bet here, but the Burner works well if you can avoid the acid vomit. On Normal Mode they’ll take anywhere from 10-15 handgun shots to die and on Madhouse they’ll take significantly more.

When facing them on Madhouse, I ‘d recommend always using Enhanced ammo, shotguns and even Flame Rounds with your Grenade Launcher. The longer you fight a Fat Molded, the more likely you are to die. Finish them quickly and move on.

Aside from the Molded, there are flying insects located in the Old House. On Normal Mode they can be defeated by one single knife attack and on Madhouse they require two hits with the knife. Killing a single insect with the knife will unlock a Trophy/Achievement for finishing off an enemy with a knife and is much easier than killing a Molded that way.

The swarms of mini insects are best fought with the burner, as are the spiders covering some doorways and cabinets. You can also unlock a Trophy/Achievement for clearing a door of spiders with your knife.

Resident Evil 7 is available now.

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