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Resident Evil 7 Guides: Jack Baker Part II

Resident Evil 7 Guides: Jack Baker Part II

Resident Evil 7 is available now and since we’ve had our hands on it for a while, we’ve put together some quick guides to help you out if you get stuck, need some help or to just give you or tips on how to get the best from the game.

A word of warning though, these guides are like to contain SPOILERS, so if you’ve yet to play or finish the game you might be best holding off. If you’re not one to worry too much, keep on reading.

1. Normal Mode

After you’ve made your way through the basement of the Baker Mansion and witnessed Jack talking to the Police Deputy who’s been hung on the wall, you’ll be just about ready to face Jack for a second time.

After collecting the third dog’s head emblem, Jack will appear and kick you into an area below. He’ll jump down and will start attacking you almost immediately. It’s important to be prepared for this fight and I’d recommend bringing your handgun, shotgun and any Enhanced Handgun Ammo you may have. Be sure to bring plenty of First Aid too.

In his first sequence Jack will be armed with his trusty shovel. Move away from him and make sure to get a few headshots. Once you’ve done enough damage, Jack will fall to the floor and expose his weaker insides. Run up to him and blast him with your shotgun.

Jack will now stand up and pull the wire mesh off the wall, grabbing a pair of Chainsaw Scissors. You’ll need to stay on the move now because Jack moves quickly and will be coming after you. He also has a rush attack that is aimed at head height and if he connects it’s a one hit kill. If he does rush at you like this, hit R3 to duck and you’ll go under his attack and unlock a Trophy/Achievement by doing so.

From where Jack grabbed his weapon you’ll see that there is another chainsaw. You can grab it and go hand-to-hand  with Jack, but it’s far easier to shoot him. I’d suggest you grab the chainsaw anyway though as you need it to end the fight.

Once you have the chainsaw switch back to your shotgun and blast Jack until he kneels again. While he’s kneeling shoot him until he stands. Keep repeating this until you’ve completed the sequence three times. On the fourth time, after you’ve shot him and he’s kneeling, pull out the chainsaw, hold down L2 and hit R2 to slice him.

You should cute Jack all the way down to his waist at which point he’ll explode. If not, switch back to your shotgun and shoot him until he kneels, then chainsaw him again.

2. Madhouse mode

The method for Madhouse mode is identical to the above, except that you should be using the Albert-01R which you’ll have unlocked by completing the game once. Make sure you have plenty of Enhanced Handgun Ammo as it only takes one shot to drop Jack to his knees when fired from the Albert-01R.

Once Jack is kneeling it only takes one enhanced shot to get him to stand back, so simply shoot him with the Albert-01R until he kneels for a forth time and then attack him with the chainsaw.

Resident Evil 7 is available now.

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