Warframe Podcast Episode 131 – Warframe vs other grinds

Another week, another fantastic Warframe podcast - promise! Given it's still early in the New Year, there's little news to cover, so the Cephalons thought they'd...


Pokémon Go Wins Reinventing Play Award at Apple App Awards

Apple recently held its annual App and Game awards, recognising the 15 apps and games that were “helpful” in 2020. While awarding hugely popular...


The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 7 Review (TV) – The Believer

Migs Mayfield. You might remember acerbic comedian Bill Burr’s gun-toting baddie from last season’s prison break episode; the bald, drawling, cynical rogue ended up interred....

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How many missions are there in Spider-man Miles Morales?

Spider-man Miles Morales is a follow-up to 2018's Spider-man and shifts focus from Peter Parker to Miles Morales. Playing very much like Spider-man, Miles Morales...



LG OLED 48 CX Gaming TV Review — Simply the best

The LG OLED 48 CX is hands down the best gaming TV for PC gamers who want a single place for 4K 120Hz gaming, quality entertainment as well as desktop work.