Resident Evil 7 Guides: Finish the Happy Birthday tape in under 5-minutes

Resident Evil 7 is available now and since we’ve had our hands on it for a while, we’ve put together some quick guides to help you out if you get stuck, need some help or to just give you or tips on how to get the best from the game.

A word of warning though, these guides are like to contain SPOILERS, so if you’ve yet to play or finish the game you might be best holding off. If you’re not one to worry too much, keep on reading.

After you finally acquire the Snake Key and unlock the Kid’s Room on the 2nd Floor of the Baker House you can find the ‘Happy Birthday’ video tape.

The tape is located inside the cupboard in the attic and can be found by inspecting the lamp on the table in the centre of the room and unlocking the attic hatch.

Once you have the tape you’ll be able to see the fate of poor cameraman Clancy Javis. The tape contains footage of Clancy being forced to participate in a test by Lucas Baker and if you’re able to complete the test in under 5-minutes you’ll unlock a trophy.

Here’s our step by step guide to do so.


1. Grab the candle from the mannequin

The first step in completing the test is to grab the candle from the mannequin. Once you have it turn around 180 degrees and head through the door. You’ll want to head to the right and through the doorway that leads to the birthday cake.

As you go through the doorway, sprinklers will activate and put out your candle. The area will light up and Lucas will speak over the intercom, telling you that you need to put a lit candle on the birthday cake.


2. Grab the turn key and unlock the cabinet

While you’re still in the room with the cake, after Lucas stops talking, walk over to the barrel and remove the turn key. Some liquid will start oozing out, but you can’t do anything about it.


Turn to your right and head over to the locked cabinet.

The combination is revealed in the picture below.


To get this code normally, you’d need to go back towards the mannequin, find the spy glass in the toilet, equip it and walk through the sprinklers and then look at the screens on the wall. Since we’re doing this for speed, we’re going to skip this step.


Once you’ve unlocked the cabinet, grab the doll inside and head back out of the room with the cake.

3. Light the stove, burn the doll and unlock the rope door

Once you’re out of the room with the cake, head to your left and to the stove. Turn the stove on and once it’s lit use both the candle and the doll on the flame. The candle will be alight and the doll will be destroyed revealing the infamous dummy finger.

Head back to your right and go past the doorway to the cake room and towards the group of monitors on the wall. To the right of the monitors is a door, locked by a piece of rope. Use the lit candle on the rope and unlock the door.


4. Grab the balloon, inflate it and complete the mannequin

Once inside the room that was locked by the rope, head over to the cabinet on the right hand side and grab the yellow balloon on the floor. Ignore all the other balloons, they’re just a distraction.

Once you have the balloon, go back towards the doorway to the cake room and instead of turning left into the room, turn right towards the hole in the wall. You’ll see a pipe sticking through the wall. Use the balloon on it.

Once it pops, you’ll find the pen (conveniently lodged in your stomach). Once Clancy has removed it go back to the mannequin and use the dummy finger then the pen and finally the turn key.

The dummy will grab your arm and carve “LOSER” into it.


5. Collect the valve handle

After your arm has been carved, go back to the balloon room and go to the very end. There will be a door on the left with a lock. The unlock code is “LOSER” and the fastest way to enter it is to simply press up or down 5-times on each letter.

Once unlocked, head into the room and grab the valve handle.


6. Turn off the sprinklers and finish the puzzle

Once you have the valve handle, go back to the cake room and on the wall to the left of the doorway is a place you can use the valve handle. With the sprinklers off, you can go back to the stove, light the candle and place it on the cake.

If you’ve finished within 5-minutes the Trophy/Achievement will unlock as you place the candle on the cake.


Lucas will meet his fate and you’ll be finished. Literally.

How to complete the puzzle as Ethan and stay alive

Eventually Ethan will also have to complete the Happy Birthday puzzle, but having the benefit of already seeing the video tape, he can finish it without dying.

1. Grab the candle from the mannequin

Just like Clancy, when you’re playing as Ethan you’ll need to grab the candle and head to the cake room to get things started.

2. Light the stove and unlock the rope door

Once Lucas has finished his spiel, head straight to the stove, light it and then light the candle. After that, go straight to the door locked with rope, burn the rope and head inside.

3. Unlock the “LOSER” door

Because you’ve already seen Clancy complete the puzzle, you know the key to the locked door.

Note: You don’t need to have watched the video to finish the puzzle as Ethan.

Again, just press up or down 5-times on each letter to open the lock and then head inside and grab the valve handle


4. Turn off the sprinklers and finish the puzzle.

With the valve handle in your possession, head to the cake room, turn off the sprinklers and then relight your candle at the stove.

Head back to the cake and place the candle on it.

Lucas will be outraged that you managed to survive and will drop a time bomb into the center of the cake room. Quickly run over and pick it up and then place it inside the wall directly opposite the locked cabinet that contains the doll.

Move away from the wall and wait for the explosion. Once it explode you can escape and continue onward.

Resident Evil 7 is available now.

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