Resident Evil 7 Guides: Jack Baker Part I

Resident Evil 7 is available now and since we’ve had our hands on it for a while, we’ve put together some quick guides to help you out if you get stuck, need some help or to just give you or tips on how to get the best from the game.

A word of warning though, these guides are like to contain SPOILERS, so if you’ve yet to play or finish the game you might be best holding off. If you’re not one to worry too much, keep on reading.

Jack Baker – Garage Fight

Not long after you escape from the dinner table, hide from Jack and meet the Police Deputy, you’ll come to your very first Resident Evil 7 boss fight. Taking place in the garage of the Baker home, you’ll be facing off against Jack who can be a bit tricky to take down; especially as there are a couple of variations to the fight.

1. Normal Mode

You can actually get through this fight really quickly on Normal Mode if you know where to go and what to look for.

As soon as Jack has decapitated the Police Deputy make a beeline to your right (ignore the handgun on the ground) and grab the car key from on top of the tool chest. Now at this point you might be tempted to try and get straight in the car, but don’t risk it. Chances are Jack will grab you and throw you out, or he’ll jump in the car himself.

Instead, run around the back (right) of the car and lure Jack the same way. Once he starts following, sprint around the front of the car, to the left hand side and the open driver’s side door. Press X or A to get in and quickly hit X or A again once seated. Select the car key from the menu and you’re off.

Use R2/RT to ram Jack a few times until he stops getting up. Wait a few seconds and Jack will jump on top of the car, tear the roof off and take control. Don’t try and fight him for steering as your actions have no bearing on what happens to the car at this point.

After the car is crashed get out and head towards the opposite wall and away from the car. It will ignite and Jack will get out and start heading towards you while on fire. Do your best to avoid him until the car explodes and knocks him down. A ladder will drop down next to the tool chest you grabbed the car key from. Head to the ladder and Jack will come back one last time to blow his own brains out. After that, the fight is finished.

2. Madhouse Mode

In Madhouse mode, the basic principles are the same there are just a couple extra steps.

The car key is still on top of the tool chest, but it’s not inside a locked tool box. To open it you’ll need a lockpick. As soon as you regain control head to the top left corner (from the direction your facing) and grab the lockpick from off the cabinet. Do a 180 by pressing back and circle and head down along the passenger side of the car and around the back.

Sprint over to the locked tool box and use the lockpick to open it. Quicly grab the car key and head around the back of the car again to lure Jack away. Once he follows you, go around the front of the car, jump in, start it and run him down.

3. Alternate Battle

On both Normal and Madhouse there is a chance that Jack will pull you out of the car and decide to drive it himself. If this is the case, as soon as Jack starts ripping the car to pieces, run back to the dead Police Deputy and pick up his gun.

Jack will start driving erratically and trying to run you down. Do your best to avoid being hit by staying on the move and not getting too close to the car. When Jack slows down or stops to change direction empty your handgun’s clip into his head. Once you’ve done enough damage, Jack will crash and the car will ignite. From that point the battle plays out the same as if you had driven the car.

Resident Evil 7 is available now.

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