Predator League 2019 – Chatting with Team Immunity’s Captain Cozyy

In February, Australia’s Team Immunity competed in the Acer Predator League 2019 PUBG Tournament. After three solid days of play, Team Immunity took third place and walked away with a round win and the most kills in any single round.

We spoke with team captain Cosmin ‘Cozyy’ Alb about the tournament and Team Immunity’s performance. Being the second year of the Acer Predator League and Australia’s first appearance, I asked how the team felt going in.

“[We] felt good going into the Predator series, Cozyy told me. “We were confident we were going to show up our region and compete at a top level of PUBG.” And while Team Immunity did come out on top in Australia, going into the Predator League Finals, the team did not have a strong start.

Predator League 2019

At the end of Day 1, Team Immunity was in seventh place with 31 points, only three points behind SIGNATUREPUBG, but a whopping 27 points behind the leaders; AfreecaFreecsFatal. In spite of their performance on Day 1, Cozyy said that Team Immunity was actually more confident going into Day 2.

Our confidence was stronger after the first day, we had a rough start to the tournament but it was the first day the nerves kicked in and it got the better of us.

That confidence certainly paid off as Day 2 was much more successful for Team Immunity. Round 9 was where Team Immunity really showed the others what they were made of. Team Immunity placed second overall and finished with 12 kills. This was, in part, due to Nicholas ‘Nick101’ Elliott’s ridiculous grenade plays.

Another factor that assisted in Team Immunity’s ability to capitalise in Round 9 was the early exit from the round by AFF (AfreecaFreecs Fatal).

Winner Winner

Cozyy acknowledged the affect AFF was having on Team Immunity too. “AFF had a strong showing straight off the bat,” he said but complimented all the teams in the competition. “All the teams were great and good competition. We did not see any rivals, in particular, we just came to play our game and show what we were made of.”

It was on Day 3 that Team Immunity showed exactly why they were in the Predator League Finals.

Round 12 was Team Immunity’s Round and it was amazing to watch. As I wrote at the time;

Here, Team Immunity was functioning like a machine. Moving as one, the team confidently stalked Erangel, murdering each and every enemy that came their way. As the circle closed tighter and tighter, it looked as though Team Immunity would be trapped without cover, but a supply drop gave them just enough cover to cross the open field without being wiped out. 

With only a few teams remaining, each fighting one another and desperately trying to create cover by driving cars into the open field within the circle. Team Immunity cleverly too their time and picked them off, one-by-one. Eventually, only one player remained for Signature.PUBG while Cosmin ‘Cozyy’ Alb, Jesse ‘Neferhor’ Watson and Kasun ‘Kasun’ Vancuylenburg surrounded them.

With the final kill sealed and “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner” beaming out from the screens, Team Immunity secured a massive 30 points, earning second place and the highest kill points of the competition. 

Chicken Dinner

In Round 12, Team Immunity scored 20 kills, which was the most in any single round for the entire competition. It was also a huge boost to the team’s confidence too. Cozyy told me;

After winning games in PUBG it always boost the team confidence up and it makes us play better moving forward. It was defiantly nice to get the win with the most kills in the tournament.

In the end, Purplemoon and AFF took out second and first respectively and Team Immunity secured third place. “I am glad we got to represent our country/region at the top level of SEA competitive PUBG and to be able to come in the top three also shows that we are ready for the challenge to take on the top level of PUBG competitors,” Cozyy explained. 

Team Immunity is now taking part in the Oceanic Pro Circuit which is their main focus going forward.

Special Thanks to Cozyy for his time.

Congratulations again to Team Immunity for the third-place finish at the Acer Predator League 2019. 

Leo Stevenson travelled to Bangkok, Thailand as a guest of Acer.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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