Predator League 2019 Grand Finals Day 1 Results – PUBG

It’s been a massive day of PUBG for the first day of the Acer Predator League 2019 Grand Finals. Hopes for Aussies Team Immunity have been high, but so far, the scrappy team from Down Under hasn’t made much of an impact.

While they’re certainly not out of the running yet, they’ve been outclassed by a handful of the other teams here in Bangkok, Thailand. With the rules for PUBG putting a heavy emphasis on kills, those teams who’ve been able to take out other players most successfully have been able to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

While Team Immunity certainly seems to have the skills needed to win the competition, their hesitance thus far is proving to be their undoing. 

Predator League 2019 PUBG

In the first match of the day on Erangel, it was immediately clear that the 16 teams were getting a feel for their competition. Teams carefully moved around the map, looking to take advantage only when absolutely necessary. However, a late-game push by AeroWolfTeamEight saw the other teams caught off guard.

The Indonesian team took the top of the leaderboard with a huge 14 kills in round one, leaving Team Immunity lagging behind in fifth place with only five kills. The day was still young though and with four more rounds, the day was still up for grabs.

Unfortunately, Team Immunity was unable to keep up with the onslaught brought by AfreecaFreecsFatal who went absolutely nuts in the following rounds, racking up kills left and right. 

Kills Pay the Bills

During Round 2 it was especially exciting to watch as AfreecaFreecsFatal went on a huge tear and took out player after player. While eventually, Taiwan’s TAG (TheAceGod) took the round, AfreecaFreecsEight had racked up enough kills to secure themselves a hefty lead.

After Round 2, they were 10 points in front of the closest competition, AeroWolfEight, and 21 points ahead of Team Immunity. 

At the end of the Round 1 the standings are as follows; (PP – Placement Points & KP – Kill Points)

Scroll across for all results.

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 ERANGEL ROUND 1  ERANGEL ROUND 2  Miramar Round 3  Erangel Round 4  Erangel Round 5  TOTAL


At the end of Day 1, Team Immunity is in seventh place with 31 points, only three points behind SIGNATUREPUBG, but a whopping 27 points behind the leaders; AfreecaFreecsFatal.

There are still two more days of competition to come so nothing is certain at this stage, however, it’s clear Team Immunity needs to be a lot more aggressive if they hope to take the title. 

Leo Stevenson travelled to Bangkok, Thailand as a guest of Acer. All transport, accommodation and meals were provided by Acer.

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