Predator League 2019 Grand Final Results – A Podium Finish for Team Immunity

Acer’s Predator League 2019 Grand Final has been completed and Australia’s Team Immunity has walked away with a podium finish. 

After three intense days of competition, Team Immunity managed to take third place after some intense matches, close calls and lots and lots of kills. After a fairly slow start on Day 1 and an amazing performance on Day 2, Team Immunity was poised to take second place. Unfortunately, the competition was fierce and second place ended just out of reach. 

Beginning the final day in third place, Team Immunity was in a great position to seal the victory. A first-place finish wasn’t out of the question, with South Korea’s AfreecaFreecs Fatal only 34 points ahead. Their confidence re-affirmed after Day 2’s performance. Team Immunity hit the ground running on Day 3.

Predator League 2019 PUBG Results

Ok, well maybe they didn’t hit the ground running. Round 11 saw Team Immunity eliminated with only two kills, which could have spelled disaster for their confidence. However, not a team to crumble in the face of adversity, Team Immunity rallied in round 12.

Here, Team Immunity was functioning like a machine. Moving as one, the team confidently stalked Erangel, murdering each and every enemy that came their way. As the circle closed tighter and tighter, it looked as though Team Immunity would be trapped without cover, but a supply drop gave them just enough cover to cross the open field without being wiped out. 

With only a few teams remaining, each fighting one another and desperately trying to create cover by driving cars into the open field within the circle. Team Immunity cleverly too their time and picked them off, one-by-one. Eventually, only one player remained for Signature.PUBG while Cosmin ‘Cozyy’ Alb, Jesse ‘Neferhor’ Watson and Kasun ‘Kasun’ Vancuylenburg surrounded them.

With the final kill sealed and “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner” beaming out from the screens, Team Immunity secured a massive 30 points, earning second place and the highest kill points of the competition. 

Within their Grasp

After Round 12, Team Immunity moved comfortably into second place, with AfreecaFreecs Fatal in their sights. Unfortunately, it seems that the pressure was too much Team Immunity with Rounds 13, 14 and 15 being disappointing.

A disastrous beginning to Round 13 saw Cozyy being killed by AFF within the first few minutes. This left Team Immunity with only three players for the remainder of the match. While they did secure three points for survival, they only managed one kill.

Round 14 was even worse as they only scored two kill points, while the then third-placed PurpleMoodEsport won the round with 14 kills, earning 24 points.

Finally, Round 15 saw Team Immunity score five kills but were eliminated too early to secure any placement points. Unfortunately, PurpleMoodEsport’s performance on Day 3 was slightly better than Team Immunity’s and thus the Aussies were pushed down into third place.

At the end of the Final Day the standings are as follows; (PP – Placement Points & KP – Kill Points)

Scroll across for all results.

[su_table responsive=”yes”]

 ERANGEL ROUND 11ERANGEL ROUND 12Miramar Round 13Erangel Round 14Erangel Round 15CompensationTOTAL
AfreecaFreecsFatal4121615601155104711 163
PurpleMoodESport178022033101424134 136
TeamImmunity022102030314022055 128
GAMEHOMEEsport6410011101525189112 114
AerowolfTeamEight246022211134610527 98
ArkAngel022123415000101626 94
SIGNATUREPUBG5510628011617011 87
PINTOGAMING314000022123011 84
GSSM022011055347628 72
AysonEsports044044156077224 72
MITHPUBG000325000011347 55
Asbol14555106410268011 49
MP5000257145011033 44
TheAceGod000022011000011 40
Raptors000437000000011 20


A third-place finish for Team Immunity earns them $15,000 USD and a hell of a lot of respect amongst the PUBG community and other teams. It’s also helped establish Australia and Australian esports as a firm competitor in the Asia-Pacific Predator League. 

The Predator League 2020 is clearly going to be in Team Immunity’s sights and we think they can go all the way.

Leo Stevenson travelled to Bangkok, Thailand as a guest of Acer. All transport, accommodation and meals were provided by Acer.

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