Predator League 2019 Day 2 Results

The action for day 2 of Acer’s Predator League 2019 PUBG Grand Finals was intense. After a fairly slow start on Day 1, Aussie Team Immunity stepped up to show the competition what they were made of. 

Beginning the day in seventh place, Team Immunity were going to have to work hard to make up ground. And work hard they did. After a slow start in Round 6, Round 7 was Team Immunity’s time to shine racking up a whopping 11 kills and placing fourth overall.

Check out the video below for the action of Round 7.

Predator League 2019 PUBG Results

After regaining some confidence after Round 7, Round 8 was decent for the Aussies with six kills but it was Rounds 9 and 10 where they kicked things into overdrive. Placing second in Round 9 with 12 kills, Team Immunity was boosted greatly thanks to Nicholas ‘Nick101’ Elliott’s ridiculous grenade plays. 

Also helping the Aussies in Round 9 was the early exit from the Round by South Korea’s AfreecaFreecs Fatal. Having dominated play since Round 2 on Day 1, AFF quickly became favourites to win but suffered setbacks on Day 2 as other teams worked to eliminate them early on.

Only in Rounds 6 and 8 did AFF manage to score anything remotely impressive. Rounds 7, 9 and 10 saw AFF eliminated with four, five and three kills respectively.

Finally, while Round 10 wasn’t as successful for Team Immunity, fourth place and seven kills were enough to secure the third spot on the leaderboard. You can check out Round 10 below.

With five rounds left of play, Team Immunity is only 10 points behind Thailand’s Purple Mood and 34 points behind AFF. If the pressure on AFF stays strong on Day 3 and Immunity can keep playing like they did on Day 2, the win is within reach.

What a Comeback!

At the end of the Day 2 the standings are as follows; (PP – Placement Points & KP – Kill Points)

Scroll across for all results.

[su_table responsive=”yes”]

  ERANGEL ROUND 6  ERANGEL ROUND 7  Miramar Round 8  Erangel Round 9  Erangel Round 10  CompensationTOTAL
1stAfreecaFreecsFatal101121044101828055033 119
2ndPurpleMoodESport6915314066369235 95
3rdTeamImmunity22441115066612184711 85
4thPINTOGAMING112101121033246101222 74
5thGAMEHOMEEsport4812000033459044 67
7thAerowolfTeamEight000011314123000 60
8thSIGNATUREPUBG044134134538336 60
9thArkAngel0112810112044112 58
10thGSSM3250222911033189 49
11thAysonEsports0001450111345712 47
12thMITHPUBG05564106410022000 42
13thTheAceGod5510033000011000 36
14thMP5011044000000628 28
15thAsbol000000415000011 15
16thRaptors011011000055011 12


Make sure you tune in for all the action on Day 3 via YouTubeFacebook or Twitch.

Leo Stevenson travelled to Bangkok, Thailand as a guest of Acer. All transport, accommodation and meals were provided by Acer.

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