Home News The Surge is really cheap on Xbox One this week

The Surge is really cheap on Xbox One this week

The Surge is really cheap on Xbox One this week

The Surge is a surprisingly good Soulsborne Action-RPG from Deck 13. It was released in May 2017 and will be getting a sequel in 2019.

In my review of The Surge I wrote; 

I had a really good time with The Surge. The universe and lore is really interesting. It’s really light on for narrative content, on the surface, but if you dig, there’s plenty to find. I think The Surge is excellent.

In The Surge, you play as a disabled man, given the ability to walk again thanks to a cybernetic and mechanical implant called a RIG. You collect upgrades and mods to upgrade the RIG and use new and devastating weapons to literally tear enemies apart.

The Surge Xbox One Cheap

If you haven’t picked up The Surge yet, now is definitely the time, because for the next week it is super cheap on Xbox One.

While usually $69.95 AUD ($49.99 USD) it is currently on sale for $17.49 AUD ($12.50 USD). In addition to the base game, you can get The Surge Complete Edition for $29.68 AUD ($23.10 USD) which includes the Walk in the Park DLC.

You can purchase the DLC separately for $15.24 AUD ($10.04 USD).

To take advantage of this deal, you’ll need to be an Xbox Gold member. The Surge on Xbox One is also Xbox One X enhanced and features a performance mode with locked framerate of 6ofps.


Finally, a brand-new, free content drop was released this week. The Cutting Edge Pack includes three brand new weapons and armour sets.

The Surge is available now and is super cheap on Xbox One for the next week.