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Is The Surge 2 coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is The Surge 2 coming to Nintendo Switch?

Earlier this week, Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive announced the development of The Surge 2. The announcement made on Twitter was light on details but got us wondering about The Surge Nintendo Switch edition.

There’s been no confirmation or denial on The Surge 2 Nintendo Switch edition, but we like to think that it might be happening. Here’s why.

The Surge 2 Nintendo Switch

In the original tweet from Deck 13, the announcement lists release of The Surge 2 for consoles and PC. On February 7, 2018, Focus Home Interactive published a blog post regarding the title.

In the opening sentence of the blog post, Focus Home Interactive celebrates the success of The Surge for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It then goes on to re-state that The Surge 2 will be released for consoles and PC in 2019.

This may be a little pedantic, but the use of the word ‘consoles’ here rather than listing PS4 and Xbox One suggests that The Surge 2 Nintendo Switch edition is a possibility.

In each and every bit of coverage from Focus Home Interactive and Deck13, The Surge 2 is listed as coming to consoles and PC. Not once thus far have those consoles been defined.

In most cases, when games are announced, the platform(s) to be released on are either revealed then and there or very soon after.

The fact that both the developer and publisher are acting coy is odd and makes me hopeful for a surprise The Surge 2 Nintendo Switch edition reveal. It could even occur during a Nintendo Direct.

The Surge 2 on the go

Something else to consider when thinking about The Surge 2 Nintendo Switch edition is the recently announced Dark Souls Remastered.  The Surge is a game developed in the same vein as Dark Souls and it’s clear Deck13 was inspired by From Software’s title.

There’s obviously a market for hardcore games on the Switch or else Dark Souls Remastered would have skipped Nintendo’s console. And if there’s a market, you can bet that those same players would be keen to play The Surge 2 while on the go.

I know I would.

While there is very little detail available at the moment, we’re hopeful of The Surge 2 Nintendo Switch edition happening.

There’s a market for it, the developer and publisher have been coy about naming platforms and it makes too much sense not to happen.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The Surge 2 is coming to ‘consoles’ and PC in 2019.