Home News Is Miles playable in Spider-man PS4? Insomniac isn’t saying no

Is Miles playable in Spider-man PS4? Insomniac isn’t saying no

Is Miles playable in Spider-man PS4? Insomniac isn’t saying no

The hype for Spider-man on PS4 is already at fever pitch and it’s still months away. We are starting to get more details on the game, but there’s still a lot we don’t know. For instance, is Miles playable in Spider-man PS4ayable in Spider-man PS4?

Speculation and excitement that Miles might be playable started all the way back in the trailer that featured a glimpse of Miles right at the end. 

Fans were all wondering the same thing; Can we play as Miles in Spider-man?

For now, the answer is still unknown, but Insomniac Games isn’t saying no.

Is Miles playable in Spider-man PS4

In various interviews and at different times, Insomniac has spoken about Miles, but it’s always been a very vague and purposefully shallow discussion.

Creative Director Bryan Intihar has said, “Miles does have a role in the game.” While Community Director James Stevenson would only say that Miles offers players a different perspective on Peter Parker.

Intihar also discussed how Miles’ role in the game grew as he learned more about and fell in love with the character.

“Just like MJ can provide a different perspective on the world, I thought Miles and his relationship to Peter bring something different.” Miles and Peter will meet and become friends courtesy of Aunt May which to Intihar, offers a lot of fertile ground to explore.

“I’m pretty excited about him and where we take him. It’s going to be something. It’s going to surprise people.”

So is he playable or not?

At this stage, I can’t say whether or not Miles will be playable, but Insomniac’s refusal to just say no makes me think he will be. 

When Intihar compared Miles’ impact on the game and on Peter Parker to Mary Jane’s, it certainly makes it sound like he’ll be a playable character. If MJ provides a “different perspective” and she’s playable, why would Miles do the same without being playable?

Also, in a response to fans on Twitter, Insomniac clarified a point about Miles but stopped short of saying he wasn’t a playable character. One fan tweeted that Miles had been confirmed and posted screenshots from a Reddit thread to prove it.

Insomniac was quick to reply but only wrote that the Reddit post included information that was not part of GameInformer’s coverage. It did not dispute Miles as a playable character and it did not explicitly lay out Miles’ role in Spider-man.

Insomniac’s caginess around Miles and his role in the game, is certainly cause for me to believe that he will be playable. Insomniac compares Miles to MJ and Bryan Intihar has said he has a role, but they aren’t talking about it yet.

For my money, that’s as good as a confirmation.

Spider-man will be exclusive to PS4 on September 7, 2018.