Insomniac hints at Mary Jane’s role in Spider-man

The fact that Mary Jane was in Spider-man PS4 was already well known. It was also already known that Mary Jane would be a playable character.

Now, Insomniac has hinted at what Spider-man PS4 has in store for Mary Jane. Her and Peter Parker are not together at the beginning of the game and have been that way for some time.

Insomniac’s Creative Director on Spider-man Bryan Intihar has given some clues on what to expect from Mary Jane in Spider-man PS4, but didn’t give explicit details.

Spider-man PS4 Mary Jane

Intihar says that to get an idea of what players will be doing while playing as Mary Jane they should, “think of what an investigative journalist might do, that might give you some hints.”

Based on this comment, it sounds like playing as Mary Jane will see players infiltrating areas that are off-limits and getting the scoop on shady dealings. I can imagine stealth-based gameplay with Mary Jane sneaking around, collecting information and trying to remain undetected.

Intihar also said that “If you imagine a scientist, that might give you some hints. Think about their [investigative journalist & scientist] careers and what they possibly could be doing in those careers and you might have a better idea of what the gameplay could be.”

The clue about the scientist is a little more cryptic, but it could relate to conducting experiments and maybe we’ll see some minigames based on her investigations.

Mary Jane Watson, Super Sleuth

While Intihar was playing his cards fairly close to his chest, Lead writer John Paquette was a little more open. 

Spider-man is a hero by swinging around and beating up bad guys and doing the Spider-man things. MJ is a hero by using her skills as a journalist to uncover corruption and bring down the bad guys in a much different way and it’s really a balance of those two.

And imagine if they worked together, then what could happen? And beyond that, imagine if they’re former boyfriend and girlfriend and haven’t talked to each other in six months and were forced to come together. To me, as a writer, that’s good grist for the mill.

It sounds like players will definitely see the ex-lovers partner up to work together in Spider-man and that’s sure to create some sparks. 

We still haven’t been given concrete details on Mary Jane’s role in Spider-man PS4, but with these hints, we’re starting to get a better idea.

Spider-man launches exclusively for PS4 on September 7, 2018.


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