What Makes Sims Such a Popular Game?

It might not be your favourite game simply because you have tried it, but The Sims is the ultimate simulation game of all times. Why is it popular? This legendary game is now past its 20th anniversary and still capturing many gamers’ minds globally. The game has sold over 200 million copies and more lineups for sale even now. Most gaming experts have termed it as the sandbox gaming pioneer, and it has grown to fit in other gaming platforms, including the Xbox, PlayStation, and smartphone apps. The game enables players to create dummy families, build their homes, open up ventures, and have a fictional living in the Sims world. What makes this game be the most fantastic game of all time? Well, there are several aspects of this game that makes it more unique. Below are a few reasons.

1.  The Sims

It is the Sims that define this game, thus carrying the name; The Sims. So what are they? For individuals who are new to this game, the Sims are the characters who are involved in this beautiful game. The good thing about these characters is that you create your own from scratch once you install them. You can click here to install the updated game. Creating the Sims is easy and fun. You can create them as you like it with different personalities, looks, expressions, outfits, and personal characters, making the game more unique. This freedom of creating personalities you can play with is one of the game’s best experiences. You have unlimited choices, which you may want to explore more and more. In this fantastic game, you get the chance to see your characters change emotions, having different careers, and even death. Of course, the game isn’t a reality but gives you something you can relate to.

2.  Building Houses

After building the Sims, you will want them to have places where they can live. The game allows individuals to build houses in the course of play. Besides creating the home, you can furnish and decorate it the way you’ll want it to look, depending on your characters. Although these buildings are fictional, you get the chance to practice your masonry funnily and more excitingly. You can use the Sims to build the house and reward them for the hard labor. You can construct the homes in anyways you’ll want, including having swimming pools and much more. If you are a pro into this game, the feeling gets funnier if using the cheat codes. The building revolves around the usual human way of building houses, including the processes and the materials.

3.  Expansion Packs

While you can play the game in its original format, the expansion packs give you more privileges and more exciting episodes. The expansion packs enable games to install extra features, including new life elements such as career paths, relationships, and much more items that weren’t present in the game’s original format. The pack also enables games to make their Sims purchase motor vehicles, own pets, go to school and enjoy other luxurious living. If you are a serious player of this game, you can also install the stuff packs, which are additional, more exciting releases to this game. The stuff packs give the Sims updated outfits, better household projects and make your Sims enjoy holidays and celebrations, including Christmas and Halloween parties. I bet there is no other game that provides all these features, and it’s these additions that have made the game more exciting than ever.

4.  Character History

Before the world evolved to be what it is today, they lived other organisms, as highlighted in the evolution theory. The same applies to the Sims world. Some characters existed before the coming of the Sims and made the game more exciting. These ‘pre-made’ characters are all over the Sims neighborhood, including the Strangetown and Pleasantview, and their history is impressive. Most players in this game series are much involved in their creations, forgetting the pre-made characters. It is essential to check them out since they make the game more exciting than playing it without the pre-existing characters. Some of these characters include the Curious Family, Dina, Nina Caliente, and Mortimer Goth, who share the weirdest history involving adultery, alien abduction, and gold-digging. While this may sound like a movie, it helps make the game more fantastic and exciting to any player. We bet it’s the history and evolution of characters that have made the game continue to be popular.

5.  Life Simulation

Have you ever played a game, and it seemed like a movie or a soap opera? Well, that’s what you get when you play the Sims. Your characters will be growing up, raising a family, going to work, making families, and much more. It’s a game that everyone can grasp, making it fantastic to follow as the episodes unfold. While most people have argued that the game should give out unrealistic life experiences, you enjoy the episodes the same way you do in real life, thus making the game relatable. You can let your Sims manage their aspirations and needs, just like in everyday life. Such include going to work, build relationships, manage feelings, and make and raise the kids. Every time you want to play something related to real-life experiences, consider having this game.

6.  It Is A Casual Game

Unlike other complicated games, the Sims game is so casual that you can pick any episode and go on without thinking of what happened previously. The game has no complex mechanisms, and you don’t have to spend time learning to play it. While many players are women, the game is playable to any gender as long as it makes you excited. You can pick it at any stage, understand it and get on it even when you haven’t played it for months since your last episode. According to reviews on websites, most people who play these games pick it up anytime they feel free and don’t find any challenges like forgetting the episodes or the inputs.

The above are some of the reasons why this game is still popular and exciting. There might be more reasons depending on an individual. You only need to download the game either on your PlayStation, Xbox, Desktop, Smartphone, or other digital means and enjoy it. The more you will understand it, the funnier it will be.

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