Common Reasons Why Your Internet Speed is Slow

A slow internet connection can be frustrating since it affects the progress in whatever you are doing. For instance, it may be difficult to perform online activities like gaming, video streaming, work, downloading, or uploading large files if your connection is poor. Different things affect the speed of your internet like WiFi signal, location, router, saturated bandwidth, and others that you should know. Read on to learn the reasons why your internet speed might be slow.

Saturated Bandwidth

The number of internet users at a particular time can affect its speed. For instance, if your bandwidth is overloaded and multiple devices are connected concurrently, you will experience poor speed. The ISPs offer different levels of bandwidth depending on the package you choose.  However, when you exceed the bandwidth’s maximum capacity, the speed of your internet connection will slow down. You can disconnect some devices if you want to improve the speed of your internet. It is also essential to close other background programs running on your computer since these can contribute to poor connection.

Poor Latency

Your computer may take a long time to react to your prompts, or it may delay connecting to the internet. For instance, if you click on a website and it loads at a slow speed, then you are experiencing what is known as poor latency. Bad latency is a result of different factors that include: faulty router, geographical location, your internet service provider, and other factors. The best way of improving latency is to check or change your connection. Latency is usually worse over a WiFi connection than a cable connection. A direct, wired connection using an Ethernet cable significantly improves the speed of your internet.     

Geographical Location

If you are using satellite internet or wireless connection provided by mobile phone network providers, you are likely to experience an internet connection with slow speed, especially in rural areas where the transmitters are spaced. Such a scenario means that the frequency has to travel long distances, which weakens the signal strength. As a result, you may not enjoy a connection with super-fast speed. If possible, switch to fibre internet, which is often regarded as the fastest compared to satellite connection, which travels through space to your computer.

Router Problems

Your router can contribute to slow internet speed since these devices are not built equally. Some have good signal trapping capabilities compared to others. Additionally, too many devices can congest the airwaves, which affects the quality of connection. You may also need to move closer to the router to enjoy faster speeds or connect using a cable. It is also crucial to occasionally restart the router since it can be strained after a long period of continual use. Your router can get stuck or freeze due to overworking. Therefore, you may need to reboot or reset it to improve the WiFi signal. If your home is big, consider installing a mesh WiFi system with several base stations to improve signal strength from different positions. Alternatively, it would also be a good idea to buy another better router with improved specifications.

Virus on Your Computer

If your computer has a virus, it can greatly slow down your internet speed. Viruses steal your data, and they work on different programs without your knowledge, and this will ultimately affect your internet connection. To resolve this problem, install trusted and effective antivirus software. It’s important to get the software from reliable vendors.

Internet Service Provider

At times the issue of slow internet speed might be traced to your internet service provider. Your ISP has total control over the internet you use in your home or office. The ISPs offer different packages, and some perform better than others. It may be a good idea to talk to your service provider first so you can get the best package. The packages offered by various providers come with different speeds, so it might be best to upgrade your current bundle to enjoy a quality connection. Your ISP has to provide you with a reliable internet connection, so do not hesitate to contact them if you encounter any challenges. 

An internet connection with slow speed can be frustrating since it affects your work in several ways. As you can see, different factors affect the speed of your internet connection. Internet latency is caused by several elements like WiFi connection, malfunctioning router, geographical location, and saturated bandwidth. There are various troubleshooting options you can consider before you contact your ISP if the problem is persistent. 

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