Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair – First Look

Since it entered the gaming scene in 2014, Secretlab has quickly become a crowd favourite for their thoughtful ergonomic gaming chairs with the impeccable build quality.

Curious as to whether it’s just all hype or reality, we decided to get a Secretlab Titan and put it to the test. After 1 week of using it, here are my thoughts.

Secretlab Titan Overview

Recommended Height5’8” to 6’7”
Recommended WeightLess than 287 lbs
Foam TypeCold cure foam
Frame ConstructionSteel
Armrests4D, full metal mechanism, PU-coated
Tilt FunctionMulti-tilt with tilt lock and angle lock, 85° to 165°
Lumbar SupportIntegrated, adjustable
Seat Width20.5”
Seat Depth19.7”
Seat Height18.7” to 22.4”
Backrest Width21.7”
Backrest Height33”
WarrantyUp to 5 years

Build Quality

The one thing I noticed right away is that the Titan is astoundingly well-made. Everything about it screams superb build quality.

From my picture, you can see that the stitches are even and there are no loose threads. The arm switches are stainless steel so they won’t snap easily.

The gas lift uses a class 4 heavy duty KGS cylinder while the base is reinforced with high strength aluminum.

Even the upholstery, which is usually the first part that starts showing signs of wear, is premium PU leather. Not only does it not have that plastic feeling that you get with cheap gaming chairs, it’s also 4x more resistant to peeling.

My estimate is that, with proper care, the Titan should last at least 5 years. That’s a fantastic investment if I may say so!

Ergonomic Features and Adjustments

The Secretlab Titan really aced when it comes to support and adjustability. It has all the basics covered and more. So, even after spending hours in front of my computer, I’m not feeling achy all over as I used to.

It begins with size options. As you might know already, Secretlab has 3 models – Omega, Titan, and Titan XL. The features are almost the same for each. The difference lies in the target size. This means that right from the beginning, you’re given the option to get the model that really fits your body shape.

Now, let’s start at the top. The neck pillow is height-adjustable thanks to the strap. What I really like about it though is that it has a layer of cooling gel. It’s a great addition when things get hot during games.

The lumbar support is integrated into the backrest itself and is depth-adjustable via a knob at the side. It’s decent but nothing to gush about. 

It might be lacking for some people even at the highest setting. In this case, you can just supplement it with a lumbar pillow of your own.

The multi-tilt function of the Titan is probably my favourite feature. While its 165° recline is not as high as some other gaming chairs, it’s the seat tilt angle lock that’s game-changing. The seat angle can be locked as well as the backrest angle.

The 4D arms are my second favourite feature. I like being able to position them right where I want them depending on what I’m doing.

4D means they move four ways. That is – up/down, forwards/backward, left/right, and by sideway angle.

I also like that the armrests are wider than what you normally see on gaming chairs. Plus, having a rubbery exterior, it has a slight give that’s loads better than hard plastic.

Design Options

Another thing I like about Secretlab is the wide array of choices that buyers get from the upholstery to the designs.

My Titan is a PRIME 2.0 PU leather in Stealth. You can get yours in PU leather, fabric, and NAPA leather.

In terms of design, there are 34 options to choose from. There are classic designs like the one I got. Others have really cool themes like Overwatch, League of Legends, Batman, DOTA 2, and Game of Thrones.

Seat Firmness

Finally, let’s talk about seat firmness. To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with the seat cushion of the Titan. I’d say it’s a medium firmness so it’s just firm enough to keep me supported but soft enough to be comfortable.

But sometimes after I’ve been sitting on it for hours, I just wish it was a bit softer. I’m still hoping that it will soften up a bit more over time. For now, I’ve been using an external seat cushion whenever I need some more softness for my tush.

This is just a matter of preference so for you this medium firmness might be just right.

Final Words

I can say I’m very satisfied with the Secretlab Titan. Its closest competitor is probably the DXRacer King, though there are many differences between the two brands that favor the Secretlab in my opinion.

Five to ten years from now when my Titan finally gives out, I’d buy another one for sure. That’s how good it is. That’s how confident you get based on the quality and service that you receive.

Where to Get the Titan:

SecretLab Titan
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Exceptional quality
Premium PU leather upholstery that’s durable
Large 4D armrests
Anti-gaming chair design that looks more professional
Excellent comfort
Seat cushion is on the firm side
Wings on the backrest can become restrictive
No external lumbar pillow included
Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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