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How to unlock a bonus mission in Marvel’s Avengers’ beta

How to unlock a bonus mission in Marvel’s Avengers’ beta

When you get your hands on the Marvel’s Avengers’ beta, you’ll get to tackle a range of missions across a number of regions. However, one of the missions and regions is hidden until you unlock it through some exploration in the Pacific Northwest.

The Snowy Tundra Region and Snowy Tundra Vault do not appear on the War Table unless you first find the Vault key item. By locating the Vault Key, you unlock the location on your War Table and are able to take part in a SHIELD Vault mission activity.

To unlock the Snowy Tundra Region and Vault, follow these instructions and get yourself a whole extra mission and region to explore.

Marvel’s Avengers Bonus Mission

From the War Table, select the Pacific Northwest and then the Stark Realities mission. When the mission starts, ignore JARVIS and your HUD and stick to the left-hand side of the map. Continue forwards, while staying to the left and you should see a ravine/dry riverbed running through the area.

Follow it forwards until you see and hear a compass signal. It should appear in the top left corner of your screen. When it does, JARVIS should also alert you to the presence of a SHIELD Vault. It’s the same mechanic you used when searching for the neural uplink.

Follow the compass until you reach the Vault and open it. Head downstairs and inside where you’ll find a chest marked on your HUD. Open it and you’ll be rewarded with the Vault key and some resources. Complete the mission and then head back to the War Table.

You will know have access to the Snowy Tundra Region and Vault.

Select the mission and enjoy!

Once you complete the Snowy Tundra Vault mission, the region will vanish from your War Table, however, you can access it again by opening the Vault in Stark Realities again. If you already have a Vault Key and access to the Vault mission, you can’t get another one until you use it. If you open the Vault in Stark Realities while you already have the Vault Key, you’ll be rewarded with resources only.

The Snowy Tundra Region includes a number of locked chests that require a DNA Key to open. The only place to find DNA Keys in the beta is the To Tame a Titan mission so you may want to stock up before you head in.

Marvel’s Avengers launches on September 4, 2020.