Marvel’s Avengers is an Action-RPG with so many stats

It’s been tough to nut out just what kind of game Marvel’s Avengers is. After playing the beta, we know it’s an Action RPG in the vein of Diablo. When it was announced, fans assumed it would be like Destiny or The Division and the inclusion of loot only furthered those beliefs.

Thankfully, it’s not like those games at all and it has the stats to back it up. Marvel’s Avengers is a stat-nerd’s wet dream. Each of your heroes is overwhelmingly goverened by stats and everything they do is affected by these numbers behind the scenes.

Each hero has a group of overarching stats which contributes to a variety of gameplay mechanics. On top of that, they have four ratings related to the four Gear types and an overall Power Level.

There’s a lot to dig into.

Marvel’s Avengers Stats

First, each Hero has a set of Hero Statistics. There are as follows.

  • Might – Affects Melee Damage
  • Precision – Affects Ranged Damage
  • Proficiency – Affects Crit and Perk Chance
  • Valor – Affects Heroic Effectiveness and Crit Damage
  • Resolve – Affects Max Willpower (Health) and Willpower Recovery Effectiveness
  • Resilience – Affects Armour
  • Intensity – Affects Stun/Status Meter Damage and Status Resistance

Underneath the main stats, each Hero has four ratings for Melee, Ranged, Defense and Heroic. Each of these is based on gear, passive skills and stats. The following is a list of the ratings and the stats they relate to

  • Melee Rating
    • Might
    • Valor
    • Proficiency
  • Ranged Rating
    • Precision
    • Valor
    • Proficiency
  • Defense Rating
    • Resilience
    • Resolve
  • Heroic Rating
    • Resilience
    • Valor
    • Intensity

Each of these ratings will fluctuate as you change gear, power up your gear and unlock new skills and perks. Finally, each Hero has a level and a Power Rating. Levels relate to levelling up and control how many skill points you have and which skills you have access to. Heroes also don’t have access to artifacts until they reach a certain level.

A hero’s Power Level is dictated by the average Power Level of their Gear, including Artifacts and determines the difficulty of the enemies the player will face. Some missions will have a set Power Level which may be too difficult to tackle until heroes have been levelled up. If a Power Level hasn’t been set, generally, the mission will be at the same Power Level as the chosen hero.

Marvel’s Avengers launches on September 4, 2020.

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