How Many Missions in Marvel’s Avengers’ Beta?

Marvel’s Avengers’ beta launches soon and you’re probably wondering just how much of the game you’ll get to play. Well, you’re in luck because we’re here to help you out and let you know what you’ll be tackling and how many missions there are in Marvel’s Avengers.

When you start the beta, you’ll play the first mission which takes place on A-Day in San Francisco. This is the mission Crystal Dynamics has shown numerous times and it lets you control Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Black Widow as the battle across the Golden Gate Bridge and Captain America aboard the Helicarrier.

Importantly, it’s the only time in the beta you’ll have access to Thor and Captain America in the beta. From there, you jump forward in time to a mission with Ms Marvel and Hulk as they’re trying to locate Tony Stark.

Marvel’s Avengers Missions

Following that mission, Ms Marvel and Hulk head out on a campaign mission titled Missing Links. They’re tasked by Maria Hill to locate a new neural uplink for JARVIS. Once that’s done, players are free to use the War Table to tackle the missions on offer.

Missions in Marvel’s Avengers are all located on the War Table and are divided into regions. In the beta you have access to five regions;

  • Pacific Northwest
  • Helicarrier
  • Utah Badlands
  • Eastern Seaboard
  • Snowy Tundra

The majority of missions take place in the Pacific Northwest. The Helicarrier offers HARM missions while Utah Badlands and Eastern Seaboard have two and one mission respectively. Snow Tundra is a hidden easter egg location that requires you to locate a SHIELD Vault to access.

If you want to replay the opening three missions, you’ll need to erase your save file.

All up, Marvel’s Avengers‘ beta includes 16 missions;

  • Opening – A-Day
  • Campaign Mission 1
  • Missing Links

Pacific Northwest

  • Alpha Threat Training Complex – Elimination Drop Zone
  • Exo Hydraulics Foundry – Assault Drop Zone
  • Stark Realities – Sabotage Threat Sector
  • To Tame a Titan – Villain Sector (Boss)
  • Proto-Synth Recycling Plant – Dominion Drop Zone
  • Condition: Green – Iconic Mission

Snowy Tundra

Utah Badlands

  • Communication Nexus – Sabotage Drop Zone
  • Quantum Research Bunker – Control Drop Zone


  • Harm Challenge I
  • Harm Challenge II
  • Harm Challenge III

Eastern Seaboard

  • ???

The Eastern Seaboard mission was not available when we had early access to the beta but Crystal Dynamics has announced it and it appears to be a city-baased War Zone.

As we learn more about Marvel’s Avengers Resources we’ll update this page accordingly.

Marvel’s Avengers launches on September 4, 2020.

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