Home News Each Hero in Marvel’s Avengers has a “Battle Pass” style unlock track

Each Hero in Marvel’s Avengers has a “Battle Pass” style unlock track

Each Hero in Marvel’s Avengers has a “Battle Pass” style unlock track

Marvel’s Avengers is a Game-as-a-Service and along with loot, power levels, resources and replayable missions, there are tonnes of cosmetics. There’s an in-game store for players to purchase cosmetics as well as a ‘Battle Pass’ style track that unlocks cosmetics and other items over time.

Dubbed the Hero Challenge Card, each character has one that includes 40 levels. Each level that’s unlocked rewards the player with cosmetics, resources, credits and more.

To unlock levels, players need to completing Daily and Weekly Challenges which award challenge points. Each level on the Hero Challenge Card requires five challenge points to unlock.

Marvel’s Avengers Hero Challenge Card

Daily Challenges award 3 Challenge Points and Weekly Challenges award 11. There are two daily and two weekly challenges active at any time and they include things like Rescue Captured Hostages, Defeat Enemies with Takedowns, Defeat multiple enemies with AOE attacks etc.

Players are able to purchase levels of the Hero Challenge Card with credits so the challenge card can be completed by spending real money.

The cosmetics you unlock through the Hero Challenge Card include skins, nameplates and emotes. At this stage, it’s unknown the value of credits compared to dollars as the beta has locked off all access to spending real-world money, however, to unlock all 40 levels of just one Hero Challenge Card, you can bet you’ll be spending a pretty penny.

It will take quite a long time to complete every Hero Challenge Card for every Hero but since Marvel’s Avengers is a game designed to be played over a long period of time, you’re probably better off slowly chipping away at the Hero Challenge Cards. That way, you’ll really enjoy it when you unlock that item you’ve been craving.

Marvel’s Avengers launches on September 4, 2020.