Iron Harvest 1920+ Hot Iron Edition includes a literal ‘hot iron’

Gaya Entertainment, Deep Silver and KING Art team have announced the various versions of Iron Harvest 1920+ available from Game Legends. The Diesel-punk RTS is set in an alternate version of earth in 1920, just after the conclusion of World War I.

The two major editions of Iron Harvest 1920+ are the Collector’s Edition and the Hot Iron Edition. Both include copies of the game, art book, Pkp 17 Eisenhans figurine, soundtrack CD, Steelbook and poster.

The Hot Iron Edition also includes the soundtrack on vinyl and a decorative Iron Harvest Hot Iron. Game Legends warns on the store that the iron is not for actual use.

Iron Harvest 1920+

The Hot Iron Edition costs 199 Euros and includes;

  • Iconic -“Pkp 17 Eisenhans” figurine  
  • Game Soundtrack on Vinyl written by legendary video game music composer Adam Skorupa and “Music Imaginary” (The Witcher®, Shadow Warrior®)  
  • Artbook – Featuring artworks from the creator of the 1920+ Universe, Jakub Rozalski  
  • Steelbook  
  • Double Sided poster with unique artwork  
  • Decorative Iron Harvest Hot Iron (Not for actual use)

The soundtrack for Iron Harvest 1920+ was written by Adam Skorup and “Music Imaginary” who have also composed music for The Witcher and Shadow Warrior.

Iron Harvest 1920+ is coming to PC.

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