Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season four is now live; 200-player Warzone added

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone have been updated for Season Four. The major addition with Season Four is the 200 player Quads mode in Warzone. This means 50 squads of four-players dropping onto Verdansk and fighting as the circle closes in.

The update for Season Four Reloaded, according to Activision, is between 22-36 GB for those who own Modern Warfare. Console players will need to download an additional 3.5GB. Players who have Warzone installed will need to download approximately 22-30GB and once complete, the overall install size will be reduced.

Alongside 200 player Warzone, Season Four Reloaded adds Supply Run Contracts, new modes and the Spotter Scope.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Activision says, “While travelling and fighting your way through the Warzone, be on the lookout for Supply Run Contracts. Upon activation, you and your squad (if applicable) will be directed to a nearby Buy Station. Reach it within the time limit to get a discount on Buy Station purchases. 

“Our recommendation? Two feet can only get you to a Buy Station fast enough, so consider alternate modes of transportation.”

The new Juggernaut Royale mode will give players the chance to become the Juggernaut and use the mini-gun to spray bullets and take out enemies and enemy vehicles. The Juggernaut suit will continue to drop after each time the Juggernaut has been defeated.

Finally, the Spotter Scope is a “high-powered scope without the glint.” It allows players to scan the map and mark enemies without being detected.

Outside of Warzone, Modern Warfare has introduced the Rytech AMR sniper rifle, new multiplayer map Chesire Park and multiplayer mode Team Defender. The Rytech AMR can be unlocked through in-game challenge and is billed as “one of the deadliest semi-automatic anti-material rifles an Operator can get their hands on.”

Cheshire Park, set in London, is a garden map with a conservatory, perfect for competing teams to do battle in. With a large central area surrounded by townhouses and side streets, Cheshire Park packs plenty of strategy and gameplay.

Team Defender is a mode making a return from the original Modern Warfare. Teams must fight to capture and hold one flag and squads earn a point for every second they hold the flag. Attackers earn points for taking the flag carrier down.

Season Four Reloaded is now live. View the full patch notes here.

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