VR support comes to Dreams in July

Dreams is getting VR support this month. Announced during the DreamsCom showcase, Dreams will have VR support as part of the Inside the Box expansion. Launching on July 22, Inside the Box is a free update that includes new tutorials, how-to guides and kits.

Inside the Box will also include new content from Media Molecule to play. DreamShaping will feature the new tutorials which will teach players how to create in VR.

According to Media Molecule, the best starting point will be the Best Practices How To. Once that’s done, players should head into the variety of tutorials to learn the new gadgets being introduced.

Dreams VR

Media Molecule says;

When it comes to Create Mode in VR, sculpting is truly unique, allowing you to bring your Dreams to life around you. If you have PlayStation Move Controllers, you’ll find sculpting in VR is a very one-to-one experience and lets you fully immerse in the creation process. Of course, you don’t need to be in VR to create for PS VR, and non-PS VR users will benefit from the update as well. We’re introducing a handful of new gadgets to Create Mode, and a full slate of accessibility features including comfort mode, vignette strength, static sky, and more to make the experience of playing and creating as great as possible.

Content created by Media Molecule includes Box Blaster and the Inside the Box Gallery. The gallery includes sculpts and art pieces from the team and shows off the power of Dreams in VR. Games made by Media Molecule, like Box Blaster, come with their own creation kits.

Players will be able to specify if their content is playable in VR or not and UGC will need to note if it’s best viewed in VR.

You can check out the roadmap for Dreams here.

Inside the Box launches on July 22 and brings VR support to Dreams.

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