Project Cars 3 looks to be taking the series in a new direction

Bandai Namco has announced the next game in the Project Cars series, and it looks like Slightly Mad Studios is drastically toning down the pure simulation aspects of the game and turning it into a blend of arcade and sim, in the vein of Codemasters’ Grid – perhaps no surprise following its acquisition of Slightly Mad Studios late last year.

It’s a departure from what has been one of the standout racing simulators of this generation, but it could breathe new life into the game.

Project Cars 3 will feature a new career mode where you will come up through the ranks and build your reputation into a racing icon.

Credits and XP will allow you to buy and upgrade cars, and personalise both car liveries and driver uniforms. In the trailer, you can see the Mercedes AMG being upgraded from a factory colour into a fully-fledged race spec machine.

The game will feature more than 200 cars and over 140 tracks (though I expect a good portion of this is reserved for different layouts and configurations).

Among the featured vehicle list is the all-new 2020 Corvette C8, featured above.

A new tyre model has been created for the game, to change how the game will handle. The dynamic weather and time has been brought over from its predecessors, too.

Project Cars 3 is expected to release this winter.

Kristian Bouboukis
Kristian Bouboukis
Kristian has been playing video games since the age of three. He enjoys racing games more than any other genre, and wants to share the personal stories of those working behind the scenes on why gaming is so important to them.

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