Hanoi Circuit set to make its virtual debut in F1 2020

As the Formula One season continues its COVID-19 hiatus, Codemasters has unveiled the brand new Hanoi street circuit, which finished its construction earlier this year.

The second of two new tracks to be announced for the 2020 Formula One season, the Vietnamese Grand Prix was scheduled to be held back in April, but has been postponed indefinitely (unlike the Dutch Grand Prix, which has been cancelled). This means that with F1 2020 being released next month, the virtual version will be the first chance for motorsport fans to see the track in action.

The circuit is 5.61km and features 23 turns. Clinical to the track is its two very long straights extending into the second half of the circuit – one of which is 1.5km in length – and with DRS enabled, there will be plenty of overtaking opportunities.

Game director Lee Mather said “we’re always excited to create new experiences for our players. Hanoi Circuit delivers both thrills and challenges, set against the backdrop of the stunning city skyline.

“Hanoi Circuit is an adrenaline rush with high speeds, long straights and heavy braking zones, but it will punish anyone who doesn’t respect the walled sections.”

The track is extremely fast and narrow, but unlike tight circuits like Monaco, a classic F1 circuit but rather notorious for overtaking opportunities, there will be plenty of chances to slip one past your rivals when F1 2020 releases on July 10th.

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Kristian Bouboukis
Kristian Bouboukis
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