GTFO’s latest update adds new Rundown ‘The Vessel’ including new environment and enemy

GTFO, in development at Swedish independent studio 10 Chambers, has just received its latest update. While still in Early Access, 10 Chambers is dedicated to updating, adding to, changing and improving GTFO in the lead-up to version 1.0

A terrifying, first-perso, team-based survival horror game, 10 Chambers likes to refer to GTFO as “Left 4 Dead meets Aliens.” Having played the game — with the devs — I can see where they’re coming from but GTFO feels and plays like a horrifying slow-burn tactical shooter.

This latest update, adds new Rundown ‘The Vessel’ which replaces the previous Rundown. In GTFO rundowns are a collection of maps, scenarios and enemies which players can attempt to complete. However, playing through an entire Rundown is not for the faint of heart. To learn more about the Rundown concept, check out the video at the bottom of this page.

According to 10 Chambers, “very few players made it through the last GTFO Rundown alive.”


Shrouded in mystery, GTFO hides its story and lore away in each of the levels for players to discover, if they survive that long. Simon Viklund, a 10 Chambers team member said, “The Complex contains clues as to what happened there, and the new Rundown will allow you to sleuth out more of these and start uncovering the mysteries of the GTFO universe.

“To help with fleshing out GTFO’s story, we have brought on Adam Gascoine, who has previously worked on DOOM, DOOM Eternal, and The Last of Us.

On the Steam page for GTFO, 10 Chambers has included a warning for prospective purchasers;

GTFO is seriously hard, you need dedication and teamwork to survive! This is not a run and gun game, please watch a stream or a YouTube clip so you know what you are getting into.

GTFO is in Early Access for a reason. We are still shaping the experience into what we envision it to be.

At launch, GTFO contains 6 levels accessible through the “Rundown” feature (read more about it further down in the “key features” section)

GTFO is NOT for everyone! Only buy this game if you are ok with the following:

  • A very challenging experience, probably too hard for most players
  • All levels will be updated and replaced over time
  • No matchmaking at the moment. Play with Steam friends or by sharing your Lobby ID with others e.g. on our Discord server
  • No in-game voice chat at the moment. We recommend using Discord instead
  • English localization only at the moment”
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Ulf Andersson, founder of 10 Chambers said;

GTFO has always been intended for ambitious gamers with a masochistic streak, which is why we have a warning on our product page to not buy it unless you’re up for a real challenge.

With the new Rundown, however, we have done some stabilization to also make it a bit more accessible for players who might not call themselves hardcore. GTFO will always be difficult, but it should never be unfair. We hope this update will welcome many new players to our friendly and active community.

GTFO is available in Early Access on Steam for $49.99 AUD but to celebrate the release of The Vessel, players can purchase it for $39.99 AUD. Interact with 10 Chambers Collective on Twitter, Discord, YouTube and Facebook, and join the Ambassador Program for access to future perks. 

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