Iron Man VR Demo now available on PlayStation Store

PlayStation Australia has announced the Iron Man VR demo is now available to download and play from the PlayStation Store. Putting players inside Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, Iron Man VR requires the PlayStation Move controller and PlayStation Camera. Players will blast off and explore the Malibu Tutorial level, learning how to fly and use Iron Man’s offensive capabilities.

Included in the demo, in addition to the Malibu Tutorial are an interactive cut-scene, ‘Out of the Blue’ Stark Jet mission, an optional Flight Challenge mission and an advanced combat challenge.

By downloading the demo, players will unlock the special Molten Lava Armour Deco in the full game.

Iron Man VR

Coming on July 3, 2020, Iron Man VR will also be sold as a bundle which includes the full game and two PlayStation Move Controllers. Its not clear if the bundle will be available in Australia, however, it will be sold in;

Switzerland, Austria, Eastern Europe, UK, Croatia, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Benelux, Danemark, Sweden, Finland, Norway.

Iron Man VR will be exclusive to PSVR and will launch on July 3, 2020. Download the demo now from the PlayStation Store.

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