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Gangplank is coming to Legends of Runeterra at launch

Gangplank is coming to Legends of Runeterra at launch

As the leadup to the launch of Legends of Runeterra continues, Riot continues to reveal cards and Champions for newly announced Region, Bilgewater. The latest announced Champion for the Region is the pirate captain Gangplank. Once the ruler of Bilgewater, he was dethroned and now all he wants is to reclaim what was his.

Gangplank is a 5-Cost, 5-Power and 5-Health Champion with Overwhelm. When he’s summoned, he summons a Powder Keg. Powder Keg’s are 0-Cost, 0-Power and 1-Health Allies that can’t attack or block and have Vulnerable.

However, when a Powder Keg is in play, all of your spells and skills deal 1 extra damage. When you damage an enemy, the Powder Keg self destructs. The best part, Powder Kegs stack. Once you’ve dealt damage to the enemy Nexus in 5 rounds, Gangplank levels up.

Legends of Runeterra Gangplank

When he’s levelled up, at Round Start, Gangplank summons a Powder Keg and when he attacks, he deals 1 Damage to all enemies and the enemy Nexus.


Gangplank isn’t the only card with the ability to summon Powder Kegs though. Petty Officer and Dreadway Deckhand both have the ability to summon Powder Kegs; the former by playing and the latter by summoning.

Interestingly, Petty Officer has a choice. You can summon a Powder Keg or a random 1-cost Ally from any faction.

Gangplank’s reveal is yet another Champion who looks set to shake up the way Legends of Runeterra is played and give players plenty of new deck archetypes.

Gangplank, Fizz and Nautilus will join Legends of Runeterra when it launches on April 30, 2020.