Nautilus is Bilgewater’s second Champion; introduces new Keywords Deep and Toss

Hot on the heels of the Fizz reveal, Riot has announced Nautilus as Legend of Runeterra’s second Champion for the Bilgewater region. A new Champion is exciting enough, however, Nautilus introduces two new Keywords and some new ways to play. When Legends of Runeterra launches on April 30, it’s going to see some intense changes.

Nautilus goes all in on the oceanic theme of Bilgewater and introduces the new Keyword Deep. In fact, in order to level Nautilus up, you’ll need to ‘go Deep.’

In Legends of Runeterra you are considered Deep if you have less than 15 cards remaining in your deck. When that happens, characters that have the Deep Keyword gain +3/+3.

Nautilus goes from being a 0-Power, 12-Health Champion with Tough and Ferocious to a 13-Power, 13-Health monstrosity that also reduces the cost of Sea Monster allies by 4.

Sea Monster is a new type of Ally like Spiders, Elites etc.

Legends of Runeterra Nautilus

While Nautilus is the star of this new reveal, Sea Monsters are an important part. Three Sea Monster Allies were revealed alongside Nautilus; The Beast Below, Shipwreck Hoarder and Vicious Plateworm.

These Allies have a range of Mana Costs, Power and Health but what they all have in common is when you’re Deep, they gain +3/+3. When you’re Deep, the weakest of these Sea Monsters is The Beast Below with 7-Power and 7-Health.

Take a look at them in the gallery below.

Clearly, Nautilus, Sea Monsters and the Deep Keyword are designed to get you to mill your deck so you can deal huge damage to the enemy Nexus and secure the win. So, how do you achieve it as quickly as possible?

With the other new Keyword, Toss.

Toss sounds like Discard and it’s similar, however, instead of choosing the cards you get rid of, Toss simply takes a certain number from the top of your deck and removes them. However, that’s not all, some cards have bonus effects when Tossed.

Treasure Trove, for example, is drawn when Tossed. Keelbreaker is also drawn when Tossed and when that happens, they deal 5 to ALL units, Allies included.

With Nautilus and Fizz, Bilgewater is already looking like it’s set to shake up the meta and make big changes to the way Legends of Runeterra is played. Trying to achieve Deep in time to deal damage before your Nexus is defeated is going to be tricky, especially against some of the Aggro decks that are in circulation at the moment.

Similarly, some Control decks may struggle to stop a Deep deck before it can deal its damage.

Exciting times for Legends of Runeterra players. It launches on PC and Mobile on April 30, 2020.

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