Fizz confirmed as Bilgewater’s first Champion in Legends of Runeterra, new keyword, Attuned, revealed

Riot has revealed that Fizz will be one of Bilgewater’s Champions when the region joins Legends of Runeterra at launch. Fizz, The Tidal Trickster, is an amphibious Yordle who lives amongst the reefs around Bilgewater. Known for luring fisherman to areas where they may secure a large catch, Fizz “does not take kindly to the greedy or selfish, and more than one haughty sea captain hoping to make a quick pile of silver has found.”

Fizz costs 1-Mana with 2-Power and 1-Health. The card’s text reads;

When you cast a spell, give me Elusive and stop all enemy spells targeting me.

Yikes. That is some serious protection. And it only gets stronger. To level up, Fizz simply needs the player to have cast 6+ spells. Once levelled up, Fizz has 3-Power and 2-Health and in addition the the text above, on a Nexus Strike, Fizz creates a Chum the Waters card in hand.

And it’s not Fleeting.

Legends of Runeterra Fizz

Chum the Waters is one of seven new cards revealed by Riot yesterday. It’s a 4-Mana Slow Spell that allows you to target an Enemy and make them Vulnerable as well as summoning Longtooth. Longtooth is yet another new card which is a 4-Mana Follower with 5-Power and 1-Health that has Overwhelm.

And yes, it’s a massive shark that looks just like Bruce from Finding Nemo.

Another new Spell from Bilgewater is Playful Trickster. This 4-Cost Fast Spell allows you to remove an attacking ally to Rally.

In addition to revealing Fizz as the first Bilgewater champion in Legends of Runeterra, Riot has also announced a brand-new Keyword; Attuned. If a card has Attuned, when played it refills 1-Spell Mana. Playing Attuned Cards is going to be a great way to cast more spells, make Fizz Elusive and prevent him from being targeted by spells.

Three cards with Attune have already been revealed; Shellshocker, Coral Creatures and Bubble Bear. You can see them in the Gallery below. However, Coral Creatures is particularly exciting as in addition to granting 1-Spell Mana through Atuuned, it also creates a random 1-cost Spell in hand when played.

Followers with Attune look to be most useful if played at the end of a turn in order to cast another spell or two. If you already 3-Spell Mana you’d need to use it before you play an Attune minion to make it worth it.

Riot announced Bilgewater as the new region recently and Attune is the second new Keyword to be announced, with Plunder being the first.

Bilgewater will join Legends of Runeterra along with over 120 new cards when it launched on April 30, 2020.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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