The French Navy makes its World of Warships: Legends debut in latest update

After launching in August and leaving early access, World of Warships: Legends is set to get its first update today, September 16, 2019. This update adds the French Navy to the game. French Cruisers will be available as well as French Battleships, though the latter is in early access at this stage.

Representing the core of the French Navy and “renowned to be the most capable cruisers developed within the limits of the inter-war naval treaties” the French cruisers are incredibly fast. The Émile Bertin can travel at 39 knots!

World of Warships Legends

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While the cruisers are sure to be new favourites, the battleships aren’t slouches either. Available in early access, the French battleships have quad gun turrets and are really quick in the water.

Joining the ships are French commanders who will help players to improve their French ships. When World of Warships: Legends was launched in August, the Germans destroyers were added in addition to a new campaign.

Now, the French Navy gets the same treatment.

The French Connection Campaign gives players the opportunity to unlock more commanders as well as consumables, boosters and more. Players can also unlock Francs which can be used for early access to the battleships.

Also coming in this update is the new patch system. Players are able to design their own patch and add it to their ships to show off their artistic flair and style. German battleships will be leaving early access in this update which will allow everyone to unlock the Bismarck at Tier VII.

Finally, the update brings quality of life improvements, balancing and 4K support for Xbox One X.

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