Digital Extremes announces remastered Plains of Eidolon is available now for Warframe on PC

Digital Extremes has announced that on PC today, Warframe players are able to experience a remastered version of the Plains of Eidolon. As the first open-world landscape in Warframe, Plains of Eidolon has been given a full graphical overhaul. 

Thanks to the tech used to create the visuals in Fortuna, the Plains of Eidolon remaster features;

  • Dynamic Lighting
  • New Textures
  • Resurfaced Terrain 
  • A new Grineer Menace – Tusk Thumpers

The remaster is free on PC today.

Plains of Eidolon Remaster

Digital Extremes is promising that every visual aspect of Plains of Eidolon has been overhauled. All-new, advanced lighting techniques make the day-night cycle even more gorgeous and will send “god rays through more detailed trees, bush and fog, and will add crisp new texture details to the foliage and earthen landscape.”

New terrain also provides more gameplay! For the K-Drive, players will experience new terrain to jump off and grind on, and they should keep an eye out for the new Tusk Thumper enemies, three different pneumatic ground-pounders that smash anything in their way as they crawl and leap across the Plains.

Hunting and conserving three new animals will see Tenno able to earn a new badge — which was previously only available in Fortuna — and “special Floofs” that can be used to decorate with.

The remaster is available now, free on Steam. The remaster will be released on consoles shortly.

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