Microsoft is rumoured to introduce new subscription package combining Xbox Live and Game Pass

It’s been rumoured today that Microsoft is planning to introduce a new subscription package for Xbox One;  Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate would include a Game Pass subscription and an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

A tweet, posted by @h0x0d is the source of the rumour, with users on Resetera calling them “a reliable person to get information.”

Additionally, ZhugeEX has stated that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate isn’t the only new tier or package Microsoft is looking to introduce.

Xbox Game Pass

Pricing of this new subscription is rumoured to be $14.99 USD p/month, which puts it on par with having an Xbox Game Pass and a 12 month Xbox Live Gold Subscription. The benefit being that instead of two charges, you’re Xbox subscriptions are all included as one. 

Also, you only get this price for Xbox Live Gold if you pay for 12 months upfront. This new subscription allows you to pay by the month and pay the same price, with the additional cost of Game Pass.

Additionally, it’s rumoured that Xbox Insiders who sign up to the new subscription will only pay $1 USD p/month until it’s released to the public.

It is also rumoured that Microsoft will be introducing a new subscription package for PC thanks to a tweet by Brad Sams.

However, there are no details beyond these tweets. Some fans are worried this may mean that Microsoft plans to segregate the PC and Xbox One Game Pass communities and offerings. Though, based on Microsoft’s attempts to treat Xbox and Windows 10 almost as one with Play Anywhere, this seems counter-productive.

Xbox Live Gold allows players to play multiplayer games and offers free monthly games in the Games with Gold program. It also offers discounts on certain purchases. Game Pass gives players access to a rotating roster of titles, akin to a Netflix-style service. 

There are around 100 titles available for Game Pass and all, new Microsoft published titles are automatically added to Game Pass on release.

What do you think of this rumoured subscription? Is it a good deal?

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