Ubisoft launches into New Zealand with new Rainbow Six Siege LAN Event

The great thing about esports is that it’s the same in any language. With Rainbow Six Siege hitting 40-million players worldwide, the competitive scene reaches all corners of the globe.

I was thrilled to hear that Ubisoft plan to bring the LAN qualifiers to New Zealand for the first time. Previously all qualifying matches were online, pitting teams against each other from the comfort of their homes. Now with a growing public interest in esports, New Zealand is hosting it’s first Rainbow Six Siege qualifier LAN. 

Rainbow Six Siege New Zealand

On February 16 and 17, teams from across New Zealand will travel to Auckland to compete against each other for their share of $1000 NZD. Registration is open for all Australian and New Zealand players aged 15 years or older. The field looks quite competitive, with teams diving deep into intense practice sessions. Anything to give themselves the edge over the competition. 

The top two teams will receive an invite to the Six Oceanic Cup, being played a month after the qualifiers on March 16 and 17. If you’re like me, you’re keen to check out the tournament but unable to travel to Auckland on short notice. Fortunately, all matches are streamed live on Twitch and YouTube.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that rewards tactical, out of the box thinking. Look for some crazy strategies and operator combos. Most of these teams step onto the pro stage for the first time in their careers. It’s no doubt going to absolutely pop off.

More details about the Six Oceanic Cup, including the prize and ticket availability, will be available in the coming weeks.

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