Warframe Profit-Taker update now available for PS4/Xbox One

While we covered the original Fortuna update release for PC all the way back in early November, it was some time before this release came to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In fact, this initial release has only just been announced as coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. Now, a few months later, we usher in the latest and greatest free update for Warframe, in the form of the Profit-Taker update.

Not as large as the Fortuna update, the Profit-Taker update provides more to do in the new open-world that arrived last year. The Profit-Taker itself refers to the new end-game open-world boss that will now be available. It’s a large robotic spider (referred to in-game as an Orb Mother) that goes by the name Profit-Taker.

However, as with all of the major updates that DigitalExtremes tends to release, it’s not the only thing coming to the already massive title.

Warframe Profit Taker Update

What to expect:

  • The Profit-Taker mission and battle (note: players need to reach “Old Mate” status with the Solaris United faction in order to undertake these missions)
  • The ability to use Archguns (heavy weapons usually only allowed in space flight) in ground-based missions
  • A new monk class warframe, Baruuk
  • New floofs to collect (collectible and adorable stuffed toys)
  • A bunch of new mods to augment your K-Drive, warframe, pets, Operator, and more
  • … and a whole lot more besides!

This free update is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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