MSI Optix FreeSync Gaming Monitors are now G-SYNC Compatible

MSI has just announced that pretty much all of its MSI Optix FreeSync line of Gaming monitors are now G-SYNC Compatible. This follows an announcement last week by NVIDIA that its new Game Ready Driver is available for immediate download.

The Game Ready Driver brings G-SYNC Compatibility to all adaptive sync capable monitors that aren’t officially G-SYNC capable. However, NVIDIA is quick to point out that not all monitors will function correctly with this new release.

MSI has been testing all their monitors and has released a list which shows all but two out of almost 20 of the Optix line of monitors pass G-SYNC Compatibility testing.

MSI Optix FreeSync

MSI says the only caveat to this excellent result is that it will only work with a single display at a time; sorry all you multi-monitor gods. All this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as the official list of monitors on the NVIDIA website still don’t mention any MSI monitors.

That said, if you have an Optix monitor and a GeForce card, give the driver a go for yourself and let us know. 

For more on MSI products, go to their official website:

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