How to Unlock Tofu in Resident Evil 2 – The Tofu Survivor

In Resident Evil 2, one of the classic and well-loved modes, The Tofu Survivor makes a welcome return. With it comes Tofu and the hardest mission in the entire game. Armed with only a handful of combat knives and a few herbs, can Tofu escape?

Let’s find out.


In the original Resident Evil 2, The Tofu Survivor mode was unlocked by completing six Scenarios with A rankings. Unlocking Tofu and The Tofu Survivor in the new Resident Evil 2, is much easier.

Unlock Tofu Resident Evil 2

To unlock Tofu and The Tofu Survivor, players will need to simply finish The 4th Survivor as Hunk once. It’s not the easiest mission in the game, but check out the video above for some tips. 

Other things that can help you finish The 4th Survivor and Unlock Tofu are;

  • Run passed as many enemies as possible. When they’re starting to stand up they can’t get you
  • Save some grenades for the last section outside. You’ll need them
  • Combine your Gunpowder to make Shotgun Shells. They’re more useful and easier to use than the Magnum
  • Try to stun Lickers. They do lots of damage
  • Don’t worry about killing enemies, just stun them, but only if you need to
  • Don’t use your Red+Green Herbs until you’re in Danger otherweise it’s a waste
  • The same goes for the First Aid Spray
  • Never Stop Running

Once you reach the front gate to the Police Station as Hunk, you’ll earn the Grim Reaper Trophy/Achievement and will then unlock The Tofu Survivor.

Resident Evil 2 is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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