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Resident Evil 2 Medallions Guide – What are the Medallion Codes?


This Resident Evil 2 Medallions Guide is designed to help with speedruns, rather than help players skip puzzles or get the answers without having to find them in the game. Be warned, there are puzzle spoilers below. 

In Resident Evil 2, one of your first objectives is to escape from the Police Station. To do so, you need to locate and collect three Medallions from statues located in the Station. Each of these statues has a dial on the front that requires the correct picture key to release the Medallion.


When playing in Scenario A, you’ll find the picture keys in the notebook you collect from the officer seen on the CCTV. You can see an image of that below.

Resident Evil 2 Medallions Guide

The Lion Statue is located in the Main Hall up the top of the stairs. The Unicorn is in the small room that connects the STARS Hallway and the Library and the Maiden is located in the West Storage Room on the third floor.

The codes for these statues in Scenario A are;

  • Lion Statue – Lion Head; Olive Branch; Bird
  • Unicorn Statue – Pisces; Scorpio; Aquarius
  • Maiden Statue – Woman’s Head; Bow & Arrow; Snake

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Resident Evil 2 Medallions Guide – Scenario B/2nd Run

When playing through on 2nd Run, the codes for each of the statues are different. Additionally, the notebook has been torn up and covered in blood. This means the Lion code is completely obscured and the Unicorn code is partially obscured. 

You’re able to find the other part of the notebook rather quickly, but the Lion code remains a mystery until you find the film and develop it in the Dark Room on the first floor.

The codes for Scenario B are;

  • Lion Statue – Crown; Flame; Dove
  • Unicorn Statue – Couple; Scales; Snake
  • Maiden Statue – Ram; Harp; Bird

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Resident Evil 2 is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.