How to Unlock Hunk in Resident Evil 2 – The 4th Survivor

In Resident Evil 2, one of the classic and well-loved modes, The 4th Survivor makes a welcome return. With it comes Hunk, the only surviving member of the USS and the man given the codename ‘Grim Reaper.’ So, how do you unlock Hunk in Resident Evil 2?

Let’s find out.


In the original Resident Evil 2, The 4th Survivor mode was unlocked by completing both Scenario A and B with an A Rating. Unlocking Hunk and The 4th Survivor in the new Resident Evil 2, is slightly different but follows a similar logic.

Unlock Hunk Resident Evil 2

To unlock Hunk and The 4th Survivor, players will need to unlock the Broken Umbrella record by witnessing “the true ending.” To do this, you’ll need to play through both Scenario A and B, but you won’t need to achieve an A ranking.

It doesn’t matter which character you choose first, you simply need to play through the game once and then again using the “New Game [2nd Run]” option. 

When you’ve defeated the fifth and final form of G, you’ll unlock the Broken Umbrella Trophy/Achievement and you’ll be rewarded with The 4th Survivor. 

Resident Evil 2 is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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