Blizzard announces two new Overwatch League Teams; Guangzhou Charge and Paris Eternal

Season 2 of the Overwatch League creeps closer and closer, and with that comes the reveal of two more teams.

Paris Eternal joins the Atlantic division whilst Guangzhou Charge is one of the three new Chinese teams joining the Overwatch League.

It’s great to see more European teams getting on board.

New Overwatch League Teams


As the Overwatch audience continues to grow across the globe with more nations entering teams into the OW World Cup I’m sure we will see more European cities join the OWL.

I quite like the team colours which reminds me of Widowmaker’s Summer Games skins. You can get more news and announcements about Paris Eternal including who is on their player roster by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Guangzhou Charge joins the Pacific division and these are team colours I can get behind, as we see we see what I think is one of the coolest looking teams so far.

Looking to reclaim some of Chinas lost honour in the OWL, Charge is setting their sights on the top.

Charge posted a bold video announcement telling all the other OWL teams to ‘rest up’ as the charge prepare to storm onto the scene. You can view the video as well as many others on Guangzhou Charge’s Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t forget to follow The Overwatch League as well as Power Up! on Twitter for more gaming news and announcements.

Who’s your Overwatch team for 2019?

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