How Deliveroo is the saviour of lazy gamers; feasting tips from streamers Bajo and Tuned

As gamers, we are fairly time poor when in the grips of the latest blockbuster. How many times have you been playing a game, only to look at your phone and see that 14-hours have passed? In that time, what did you eat?

Half a pack of Doritos perhaps? Or maybe a slice of cold pizza? Well, these problems can be a thing of the past, thanks to some handy tips from Deliveroo and streamers Bajo and Tuned.

So sit back and get ready to let all your food troubles slide away as you find out the best restaurants to pair with which games and have Deliveroo bring it to your door.

Deliveroo Saves Lazy Gamers

Bajo’s Restaurant Location: Wollongong Region

Below you can find Bajo’s selections, pairings and ideas. You can follow him on Twitter and Twitch.

I am a terrible cook. I am terrible at planning to cook. Every now and then I buy a bunch of ingredients and they all go off before I do anything with them. I am barely an adult.

Does this sound familiar? If you’re like me, then you probably order a lot of delivery. As a Twitch streamer who mostly works nights, it’s usually 8 pm before I start wondering why my head is sore and my tummy hurts. Oh yeah – food!  Then, I reach for my phone to order, and awkwardly eat in front of my viewers.

This week I’ve partnered with Deliveroo to bring you my favourite lazy order recommendations! To help, I’ve themed them around some of my favourite games of the year.

Red Dead Redemption 2 RIBS!

Ok first up, don’t eat this on your keyboard. This goes for all food. Keep your keyboard and controllers clean.


I’ll know if you don’t. Especially with all American Ribs.

While you sit back and watch the sunset in real time along the dusty plains of RDR2, thinking about all those you’ve helped (or not helped) along the way, put on a bib and smash some ribs!

Restaurant: Criniti’s

Available in VIC & NSW

Fallout 76’s post-apocalyptic meaty-goodness!

When traversing the wasteland, protein is very important.  

My go-to burger joint is His Boy Elroy and their Fatboy burger, with extra meat of course needed to survive the post-apocalyptic wasteland!  

Much like the Fallout weapon of the same name, the Fatboy packs a mighty punch…

Restaurant: His Boy Elroy

Only in Wollongong, but you can head here for American eats in your area.

Detroit: Become Human with vegan sustenance!

My game of the year so far is all about androids wanting to find their own way in the world, and be treated as humans.

When I want to feel human, I swipe past the deep-fried section and go straight for vegan tacos.

Actual healthy food, in my body. I’ve never felt so alive. 

Restaurant: Zambrero

Available nationwide


When I’m playing PUBG or BLACKOUT, I have a lot of downtime.  This is because I prefer to hide and let my team do all the work.

Nothing like an actual chicken dinner to make myself feel better about never actually winning a chicken dinner.  

Restaurant: KFC

Available nationwide


There really is nothing like the underwater discovery of Subnautica.  

Eating sushi really does feel like the right kind of revenge for all the sea creatures who cause me grief and spook me to tears.  

The best local sushi spots, here.

Tuned’s Restaurant Location: Melbourne Region

Tuned — AKA Jamie, writer on this very website — has also put together his ultimate food and gaming combos and where you can find them on Deliveroo.

You can follow him on Twitch

As a writer and streamer, I’m often shackled to my desk.

And while it’s where I want to be I realised sometimes I would skip meals because of deadlines or more commonly, being so engrossed in a game that I simply couldn’t get away.

A combination of laziness and forgetfulness mean I sometimes start wondering about dinner around 10 pm and miss lunch entirely.

Well, Deliveroo has been my saviour and the best news is it’s not all fried stuff.

There is actually some healthy options too, which is important if you spend long hours indoors sitting down.

Overwatch World Cup Winning Chicken

There has to be something in the food in Korea that breeds esports champions.

They’re the three-time back to back to back Overwatch World Cup champions!

The only thing my teammates can ever agree on is how good Korean fried chicken is, also Hanzo is a bad pick, choose something else.

Restaurant: NeNe or SamSam

Available: Melbourne

Healthy Hearth

Pull up a chair by the hearth, there’s always room for another!

To climb the ranks or dominate the Arena you need your mind and body focused.

I always find myself feeling better and thinking clearer after eating some of the green stuff.

Restaurant: Crisp Salad or Poke Me

Available: Melbourne

World of Wafflecraft

When I’m grinding for honour points in PvP or stuck wiping on a mythic raid, sometimes I need a sweet treat to recharge.

With all the saltiness around, choose to be a different flavour with some tasty dessert.

Enjoy a shake or some waffles and the sweet loot will follow.

Restaurant: Benjamin’s Café – Albert Park

Available: Melbourne

LAN Sesh Feast

It doesn’t matter if your gaming group lugs their PCs or character sheets and dice to your place every week, the ‘what are we doing for dinner?’ question always comes up.

Instead of sending someone out for a food run, order in with KFC feasts.

Pick and choose what everyone wants and never lose a minute of game time, just pass the phone around the table and let people add to order.


Restaurant: KFC

Available: Nationwide

Stream of the Fries

Anyone who has watched my stream will know that I often struggle with what to order for dinner, but a recurring staple is the good old Lord of the Fries HSP. Their sauces and hand-cut fries are just so good.

An added bonus is that they leave your hands free of mess, so you can pick up the controller or mouse and keyboard without needing a hundred napkins.

Restaurant: Lord of the Fries

Available: Melbourne

There you have it. The best food pairings for your game time thank to Bajo, Tuned and Deliveroo.

What’s your go to snack while gaming?

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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