Will Gfinity Elite Series Season 2 Week 2 be Sydney’s redemption?

Week two of the Gfinity Elite series is nearly upon. AVANT is getting ready to face off against Sydney Chiefs and everyone is wondering if the Sydney boys can rally after a rough first week.

Going down 2:16 to Ground Zero, it appeared the Chiefs squad was just a bit inexperienced and unable to keep a grip on their emotions as they lost easy rounds. With a lot to prove, Chiefs will need to bring their A-game if they hope to stand a chance against AVANT.

The showdown will be fierce as these two giant Australian esports organisations clash. In particular, the Street Fighter V stage is set to rumble with what promises to be an epic showdown.

Gfinity Elite Series Season 2

Meanwhile, Perth’s Ground Zero square up against Sydney ROAR. With the ROAR managing to beat last year’s champions in Rocket League, they will be eager to continue their upset by knocking Ground Zero down a peg in Counter-Strike.

The Perth boys aren’t about to let that happen as they look to bury another Sydney squad quick and easy, I’m doubtful ROAR can stand up to Ground Zero in CS, but are a real shot and winning the showdown in Rocket League and Street Fighter V.

The match that everyone is talking about, however, is Melbourne ORDER vs Brisbane Deceptors.

With the upset in week one of Rocket League, ORDER will be trying to confirm their dominance of the series. Brisbane has a real chance at upsetting the ORDER Counter-Strike side in this week’s matches.

They proved they had the staying power against AVANT to bring the score back before eventually falling behind. Can their under-dog status lift their spirits and game sense?

Find out this weekend by tuning into the action on Twitch, as well as Network Ten’s Eleven, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

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