SteelSeries and FaZe Clan announce official partnership

SteelSeries and FaZe Clan have announced their official partnership. This agreement will see SteelSeries become the official peripheral partner of FaZe Clan and includes all of the esports teams in the organisation.

Players on teams within FaZe Clan that play Counter-Strike: GO, Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege and FIFA will use SteelSeries gear during matches and training.

FaZe Clan includes some of the best players and teams in the world with the CS: GO team finishing in the top 4 at the ESL Pro League Finals and a 3-0 win at the Intel Extreme Masters in Sydney.

SteelSeries FaZe Clan

Tony Trubridge, Global Esports Manager at SteelSeries is thrilled to have FaZe Clan partner with his company.

FaZe Clan and their ability to drive a collective passion through knowledge and dedication is unparalleled. We’re incredibly proud to officially partner with the team and to equip them with the ultimate esports products.

Esports is a big focus for SteelSeries moving into the future. FaZe Clan is focused on becoming the best organisation within esports, so the partnership with SteelSeries comes at a perfect time for both camps.

Erik Anderson, Head of FaZe Clan Esports strongly believes in the partnership and the experience that SteelSeries can bring to the table.

SteelSeries has a rich history of working with legendary talent and is a welcome partner to FaZe Clan.

SteelSeries sets the bar for the superior products that our teams and players need as they continue to build their legacy.

Look out for SteelSeries gear in every match FaZe Clan takes part in in the future.

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