Bethesda is teasing Fallout with a tweet and stream

Bethesda sure likes to announce an announcement. Earlier today, Bethesda Game Studios tweeted “Please Stand By” along with a video of the Fallout emergency broadcast screen.

In addition to the tweet, Bethesda has been streaming on Twitch for some time. The stream includes a Vault Bot Bobblehead giving the thumbs up and a TV displaying the same Fallout emergency broadcast screen.

Occasionally the stream is interrupted, but so far, nothing of any note has taken place. At the time of writing, a Vault Boy looking like Mega Man has appeared at the lower right of the TV.

Fallout Teaser

Without any concrete information, fans are speculating wildly as to what the announcement may be with the strongest theories including;

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing rumours of Fallout 3 Anniversary Edition. A recent alleged leak of Nintendo’s E3 plans revealed that Fallout 3 Anniversary Edition for Switch was due to be announced. 

However, given that this leak was some blurry photos of a printed out sheet of paper, it was more than likely false. It is true that it’s been 10 years since the release of Fallout 3, but according to other sources, this announcement is something new altogether.

Writing on Kotaku, Jason Schreier claims;

Some fans have also theorized that this might be some sort of remaster of Fallout 3 or Switch port of Fallout 4, but from what we’ve heard, this is a new game, one that takes the series in a brand new direction. We’re expecting to see more tomorrow.

In the comments, a fan asks if this announcement is Project Starfield, to which Schreier says it isn’t.

What is this Fallout Teaser?

If it’s true that this isn’t a remake or remaster and is, in fact, a new direction for Fallout, what kind of game could it be?

Fallout Shelter was a radical departure, but that’s not something we’d expect to see this level of hype and pre-announcement hysteria about. We don’t want to speculate wildly, so we’ll just wait until something more is announced.

For now, we’ll leave you with the tweet, the stream and some of the weirder moments of the stream so far.

Enjoy. And comment below to let us know what you think/hope this announcement is.

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