MachiaVillain release date announced, coming to PC later this month

Good Shepherd Entertainment and Wild Factor have announced the MachiaVillain release date.

MachiaVillain is a mansion building strategy game in the vein of Prison Architect. Players will need to build the monster mansion of their dreams, fill it with all manner of monsters and make sure everyone stays happy.

MachiaVillain is inspired by Dungeon Keeper and classic horror tropes like zombies, mummies, vampires and more.

MachiaVillain Release Date

The aim of the game in MachiaVillain is to build your house of horrors up from a simple home and turn it into a “nightmarish palace of panic!”

As you build up your mansion you’ll need to lure locals in for your monsters to feast on. You can set up traps and use your ingenuity to make sure everything goes according to plan. 

Like all good horror movies, there are rules for you to obey in MachiaVillain;

  • target victims when they’re alone
  • keep the virgin alive until the end
  • never, EVER hurt the dog

Like all good strategy games, players will need to keep a range of stats balanced and make sure all inhabitants of the mansion stay happy. To do so you’ll have to craft items and objects by using leftover body parts from your dead victims.

Your mansion will also come under attack from other supernatural forces and monster hunters. Protecting your home will be a primary concern on top of keeping everyone happy and fed.

MachiaVillain launches for PC on May 16, 2018.

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