HearthStone celebrates Noblegarden next week, themed Tavern Brawl and free cards available

Blizzard has announced today that HearthStone Noblegarden celebrations commence next week. The HearthStone Noblegarden celebrations will see a special themed Tavern Brawl for players to play.

There will also be two special golden cards available simply by logging in. Noblegarden is the World of Warcraft Easter event and according to Blizzard;

Noblegarden is a festival where we gather to celebrate the joys of life and friendship by in-egg-splicably dyeing eggs in bright colors and hanging out with rabbits. It’s gonna be egg-cellent!

HearthStone Noblegarden

The special HearthStone Noblegarden Tavern Brawl is called ‘Everybunny Get in Here.’ In this Tavern Brawl, players take turns to dye eggs and hatch minions. An egg spawns each turn and with your special Noblegarden deck you can apply dyes which give the hatched creature different buffs.

Depending on the dye you use your cute hatchling will have Rush, Lifesteal, Poison, Taunt and more.

If you don’t use any dye on your egg, you’ll spawn a super cute bunny.

During the HearthStone Noblegarden celebration, you’ll unlock two special egg themed cards just by logging in. Simply play HearthStone between May 10 and May 14 and you’ll earn Golden Eggnapper and Golden Devilsaur Egg.

The HearthStone Noblegarden event will be live between May 10 and May 14.

HearthStone is free-to-play.

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