Steam now supports the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

In an announcement on Steam, it’s been revealed that the platform now supports the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Steam Switch Pro Controller Support is the latest in a long line of console controllers being added to the platform. The Switch Pro Controller will retain its gyro functionality when used with Steam and players can fully customise the controller’s inputs.

Steam Switch Pro Controller support is in beta, so those wanting to check it out will need to opt into the Steam Client Beta.

Steam Switch Pro Controller Support

To use the Switch Pro Controller with Steam, you’ll need to follow a few steps. 

  • Opt into the Steam Client Beta then enable support globally by checking the ‘Nintendo Switch Configuration Support’ option in the Controller Settings page
  • Connect your controller and register it to your account when prompted
  •  Create a config (or load an existing config), via the ‘Controller Configuration’ option in the Manage Game screen for the title you are playing
  • Launch and play your Steam game with your Switch Pro Controller

The Controller Settings page is the same menu that allows users to enable PS4 and Xbox One controller support. This menu is where you’ll be able to create, share and search for Switch Pro Controller layouts by game.

When it comes to calibrating the gyroscope, Steam’s announcement recommends the following;

For best results with the gyro, we suggest initially calibrating your controller by selecting the ‘Calibrate’ option under ‘Detected Controllers’. 

When using the Switch Pro Controller on Steam you’re able to customise to your heart’s content.

 The full functionality of the Steam Input Configurator is at your disposal: bind the gyro, add radial menus, create action sets, etc. If you prefer to start from a community config, press X and browse the options

Steam Switch Pro Controller Support is great for Steam users as it gives them yet another control option. The switch Pro Controller is also a really well-designed controller that’s easy to use too so that’s a plus.

Who’s using their Pro Controller with Steam?

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