Gfinity Elite Series Australia adds second Melbourne team, Melbourne Order

The third city-based team entering in the Gfinity Elite Series Australia has been announced today. Melbourne Order is the third team and second Melbourne based team in the competition. 

Melbourne Order joins fellow Melbourne team Avant and Sydney’s Chiefs in the Gfinity Elite Series Australia. The competition kicks off in June, live in Sydney’s Gfinity Australia Arena in Moore Park.

Having two teams in Melbourne puts an esports focus on Australia’s sports capital. It also gives fans a choice when it comes to who they want to support.

Gfinity Elite Series Australia Melbourne Order

Dominic Remond, Gfinity Esports Australia’s CEO said of the Melbourne Order’s addition to the league; 

Australia has a long history of traditional sporting rivalries, and we’re excited to welcome a second Melbourne team bringing our own flavour of derby to the Gfinity Elite Series Australia.

Melbourne Order tackling Melbourne Avant are fixtures of the future – every big city needs healthy competition

Melbourne Order isn’t going to be content to play second fiddle to Melbourne Avant and fans can expect great matches when the two teams clash. Jake Tiberi from Melbourne Order looks forward to the friendly rivalry between the two clubs.

“We’re excited to further cement our presence as part of the Melbourne esports community by becoming a representative of Melbourne in the Gfinity Elite Series Australia. It’s a great opportunity to represent our fans locally with some of the biggest names in Australia.”

Melbourne Order v Melbourne Avant

Gfinity’s goal is to have the Gfinity Elite Series Australia pave the way for esports in the country. The city-based approach taken by Gfinity means that fans and the local community will drive the support of the competition and grow the league exponentially.

Dell ANZ’s Ben Jackson believes that the Gfinity Elite Series is a perfect platform for aspiring esports stars and with Dell and Alienware’s sponsorship, players can and will find their way into the league.

We are thrilled to welcome Melbourne Order to the Gfinity Elite Series Australia. Having teams of this calibre, playing alongside up and coming esports players, will ensure the continued growth and competitive level of our local leagues.

Through our partnership with Gfinity Esports Australia, we’re proud to be providing a platform to give our top players the experience they’ll need to take on the best international teams down the line.

Gfinity wants to be seen as esports’ ‘Big Bash’ and when the league launches in June it will feature six clubs. The city-based structure has already,  seen one Sydney team and two Melbourne teams announced with three still to be revealed. 

The Gfinity Elite Series will be played in front of a live audience at  Gfinity Hoyts Esports Arena in Sydney. Teams will be comprised of professional esports players and a new wave of competitors drafted by the Gfinity Challenger Series.

A big welcome to Melbourne Order. I can’t wait to see what the next team in the Gfinity Elite Series Australia is.

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