Here’s 25-minutes of direct-feed Wolfenstein 2 Switch footage

In September last year, Nintendo used a Direct to announce Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was coming to Switch. Now, we finally have some direct-feed Wolfenstein 2 Switch footage. 

The footage comes courtesy of GameXplain and was captured at PAX East 2018. While we’ve had off-screen footage before, this is the first chance to see Wolfenstein 2 Switch footage directly. 

Amazingly, the Switch version of the game appears to run without a massive reduction in quality or fidelity.

Wolfenstein 2 Switch Footage

Wolfenstein 2 on Switch was announced at the same time as DOOMDOOM was released late 2017 for Switch and while it ran well, it was a clearly inferior version. 

The same looks not to be true of the Wolfenstein 2 Switch footage. The 25-minutes we have to show, courtesy of GameXplain, looks incredibly impressive and the frame-rate looks very solid. 

Although there are some minor framerate hiccups, for the most part, it runs super smoothly. Below, you can see a screenshot of the PC version running on the high settings and the Switch version. 

The Switch version appears to run on low-medium settings.

Killing Nazis on the go

The Wolfenstein 2 Switch footage is running in docked mode so we’ve yet to it in handheld mode. It’s likely that when in handheld mode, Wolfenstein 2 will run at 720p and 30fps.

When in handheld mode most Switch games are downgraded to these stats, but even so, Wolfenstein is likely to impress.

Wolfenstein 2 will launch for Switch in 2018.

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